How well do you know Fred Perry?


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1. How many Grand Slam and Pro Slam singles titles did Perry win in his career?

A. 7
B. 8
C. 9
D. 10

2. In what year did he win the first of his three Wimbledon singles championships?

A. 1932
B. 1934
C. 1936
D. 1938

3. How old was Perry when he became the first ever player to complete the career Grand Slam?

A. 26
B. 28
C. 30
D. 32

4. In which UK town was he born in?

A. Bolton
B. Salford
C. Stratford
D. Stockport

5. In 1929, Perry became a world champion at which other sport?

A. Squash
B. Snooker
C. Table Tennis
D. Swimming

6. How many consecutive Davis Cup titles did Perry win with Great Britain?

A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5

7. Which other British tennis star was the second singles player, alongside Perry, in each of these Davis Cup victories?

A. Ellsworth Vines
B. Bunny Austin
C. Raymond Tuckey
D. Jack Crawford

8. At which iconic sporting venue did he make his debut on the Pro Tour in 1937?

A. Madison Square Garden
B. Wrigley Field
C. The Queen’s Club
D. Wembley

9. Perry competed in 20 Davis Cup matches for Great Britain, playing 38 singles rubbers – how many of those did he win?

A. 28
B. 30
C. 32
D. 34

10. During his amateur career, which English football team did Perry train with to work on his fitness?

A. Liverpool
B. Arsenal
C. Leeds
D. Manchester United


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