Coronavirus (Covid-19) FAQs for Competitions - Players



This page aims to answer some of the key questions for players around competitions in relation to the coronavirus (Covid-19).

Further information and advice around Covid-19 relating to tennis in Britain more broadly can be seen on the LTA’s dedicated page at

30 June Announcement

1.    Why have you decided to cancel all LTA staged and LTA approved competitions (Grade 1 to 5) up to Monday 31st August?

This decision has been made for the following reasons:

  • We wanted to provide players and parents with as much certainty as possible during this challenging period
  • Weeklong competitions require a number of weeks of planning, particularly with the likelihood of following strict social distancing guidelines, and the current situation makes that very difficult
  • We expect ongoing restrictions to mean that medium / large scale events (which see a large number of players, coaches, parents and spectators) are unlikely to be viable for some time
  • Given that some competition organisers have already had to cancel their week long tournaments during late July and into August for logistical reasons beyond their control, we were concerned about the potential inconsistency in opportunities for players with some counties/regions not having any competition and ranking point opportunities in certain weeks, which would be unfair for certain players

2.    Will any competition be able to run over the summer holiday period?

Whilst extending the cancellation of LTA staged and LTA approved competitions (Grade 1 to 5) it does present an opportunity, and does not mean that organisers & officials won't be able to stage any activity.

Subject to future Government guidelines, we hope there will be the opportunity for organisers and officials to run some form of competition activity during the summer season. 

2.    What is your draft roadmap to restart competitions?

Here is our draft roadmap:

  1. Wednesday 13th May onwards – Local Tennis Leagues & LTA Youth Box Leagues, and venues can run internal club box leagues/ladders
  2. Middle of July - A further update to you all once the Government has provided further information on how and when sports can return to competition
  3. Late July onwards (provisional) - Grade 6 competitions, local friendly matches between clubs & counties, one day/half day events etc
  4. September onwards – Return to normal

Our aim is for all competition activity to return as soon as possible, in a way that is safe and appropriate for both players and officials, based on Government restrictions and advice at any given time.  We understand that once competition does return it is likely to be different and we have starting preparing some guidelines to support everyone. 

Individual Competition

1.    If a competition taking place prior to 31 August 2020 is not yet listed as cancelled, should players withdraw or just wait for the organiser to update the competition to cancelled?

A player can either withdraw or wait for the organiser to cancel.

2.    Will the nationals be rearranged?

We will look at the options available to rearrange.

3.    What individual competitions have been suspended?

All Grade 1 to 5 competitions which include the National Tour, British Tour, Regional Tour, County Tour (Grade 4 & 5). Details on when Match plays (Grade 6) can restart will be confirmed in the middle of July.

4.    Will 12U Winter National Tour Finals be rearranged?

Given this was one of the final competitions of the winter season, unfortunately there is not sufficient time in the calendar and therefore this will not be rearranged.

5.    When will you decide if the suspension of Competition activity will be extended beyond the 31 August 2020?

We will be reviewing the need to extend the suspension date of 31 August 2020 on a regular basis and communicate updates accordingly. The latest LTA position in relation to Coronavirus will be available online here.

6.    What has been the impact on the Seniors Competition calendar?

All ITF tournaments have been cancelled up until the 31 July 2020.

STGB have cancelled the British Open Seniors Clay Court Championships at West Hants and the British Closed Seniors Grass Court Championships at the AELTC.  The Four Nations Competitions at Bolton from the 8-10 May has also been cancelled.

7.    Why does the LTA date not align with the ATP, WTA & ITF Tours?

International Tennis competitions are very different to domestic competitions. International Competitions will always include international travel and often include a high numbers of spectators.

A domestic competition can often be very small, for example a National league fixture or a Matchplay with 8 players.

Competition Support

1.    How will LTA Rankings be affected?

Now that tennis activity has been suspended by the LTA, the rankings run will be suspended from Friday 27 March 2020. The rankings run on Friday 20 March has been completed and published and will be used when competitions restart.

The rankings system is based on a 52 week calculation however due to the period of inactivity the LTA Competitions Team will be modifying the LTA Competition Regulations to amend this rule. Once the period of suspension is lifted, the rankings run dates will be modified to include competitions from 23 March 2019 to prevent the period of inactivity having a material effect on players rankings.

e.g. If competitions resume from Tuesday 1 September the rankings run on Friday 11 September will take into account all competitions played from 23 March 2019 to 6 September 2020.

2.    Will the competition age group changes take place on 1 April 2020?

Yes, the competition age group changes have already taken place to facilitate entries for tournaments which were due to take place from 1 April 2020. The changes also saw the introduction of the 11U age group and modifications to the recent form calculation. The first rankings list and new recent form measures will be published by then end of April 2020. 

3.    When will my rating be updated or removed as part of the changes due to go live on 1 April 2020?

Updates to remove Mini Tennis Ratings following the LTA's announcement to remove Mini Tennis Ratings and replace them with LTA Youth Competition Rewards will take place as part of the LTA Ratings Run. The new LTA Youth Competition Rewards have been built and have counted a player's initial matches however email communication and fulfilment of rewards will be delayed until tennis activity resumes.

4.    Will any concessions be made to the number of qualifying wins or losses at the 2019W End of Season Ratings Run?

Yes, the LTA Competition Support Team will be supporting junior players that narrowly missed out on their rating increasing in the 2019W End of Season Ratings Run.

The standard ratings increase criteria will be adjusted for all junior players:

  1. Players that achieved 5 qualifying wins and a 60% win/loss percentage will be successful
  2. One qualifying loss will be removed from all players as part of the calculation therefore meaning players who narrowly missed out by having one to many qualifying losses will be successful.

These amendments only apply to the standard ratings increase criteria, the manual ratings adjustment criteria remains unaltered. These amendments have been made to support players who were negatively affected by competitions having to be cancelled which were due to take place on the last two weekends of the winter season.

5.    Now the suspension period of tennis activity has been extended to 31 August 2020, what will happen to the summer season ratings run?

Owing to the extended suspension of tennis activity, the 2020S Mid-season ratings run will no longer take place in June 2020. The summer season will only have an end of season ratings run where the cut-off date will be 31 August 2020.

6.    I have entered a competition due to take place during the period of suspension will I receive a refund?

Yes, all competitions have been closed for entries and players who have entered will receive a refund from the tournament organiser. You can withdraw from the competition online ahead of this date.

7.    Will my competitions which have been cancelled be rearranged?

The competition sanction process and tournament calendar are extremely populated so in most cases it will not be possible.  There will be some exceptions and these will be confirmed.

Disability Competitions 

1.    Will you reschedule any disability regional tournaments?

We will look to reschedule some of the disability regionals although it is not guaranteed.   If we do reschedule any of the disability regionals we will email relevant players and update the competition calendar.

2.    Will you look to reschedule any Disability GB Training Camps for LD, VI & Deaf?

We will look to reschedule some of these training camps although it is not guaranteed.   If we do reschedule any of the camps we will email the selected players as soon as possible.

3.    Have any of the Disability GB International trips been cancelled?

The VI GB International Trip, LD GB International Trip and Deaf GB International Trip have been cancelled by the organisers. 

4.    Will the grant for Disability Competitions still be provided if costs have been paid in advance?  

Please contact the Disability Competitions Team via and they will review on a case by case basis.

Recreational Competition

1.    What will happen to Road to Wimbledon?

All levels of the 2020 Road to Wimbledon competition have now been cancelled. This includes the venue stage, regional qualifiers, county and national finals. The decision to cancel the Road to Wimbledon competition was made in consultation with the All England Lawn Tennis Club.

The ongoing worldwide challenge presented by the coronavirus has meant it is not possible to safely stage the majority of qualifying events either here in the UK or overseas, which form a significant part of the competition. In addition to this there are several challenges with holding the national finals at Wimbledon including the uncertainty around medical provision and government guidelines around large gatherings of people.

Further details on the 2021 event will be viewable on later on this year.

2.    In the Road to Wimbledon competition, 2020 was my final year, based on my age, to be able to compete in the competition. Will any allowances be made for this in 2021?

Unfortunately, we don’t plan to make any allowances for this next year. Clearly we are currently experiencing an unprecedented situation, and we hope to return to some form of normality soon, therefore, only players who are eligible for 14 & under competitions in 2021 will be able to compete in the 2021 event.

3.    My venue has already staged their Road to Wimbledon event, what will happen to the winners from this?

Unfortunately any results from venue stages already held will be void. Any matches completed can be submitted for LTA ratings purposes, but the winning player(s) will not progress any further.

4.    What will happen to Quorn Family Tennis Cup Venue Stage?

The venue stage can now restart however you must follow social distancing guidelines including the number of players that can gather outdoors.  All clubs that have received a Mini Club Competition Pack (in Feb 2020) can now use these and once you complete the event please submit your results.

5.    What will happen to the Quorn Family Tennis Cup Festival Days?

The Quorn Family Tennis Cup Red Ball Festival Day at the LTA Major Events during the grass court season have been cancelled.  The LTA may look to organise and run (for those affected) a separate fun, experience day at a similar location to the affected Festival Day at a later date.

6.    What will happen to Team Challenge?

Team Challenge can now restart however you must follow social distancing guidelines including the number of players that can gather outdoors.  If you have existing resource packs you can use these.   If you need a new resource pack please visit the Team Challenge Organiser page for sign up deadlines and to order.

7.    What will happen to Local Tennis Leagues?

Local Tennis Leagues restarted on 26 May 2020.

More information can be found at

Team Competition

1.    Can County & District leagues continue?

County & District Leagues can now restart however you must follow social distancing guidelines including the number of players that can gather outdoors.

Alternative options and formats to be looked into, for example, can the league be extended into later in the year,  could a different format be explored such as playing each club only once rather than home & away, or could the league end date be extended to later in the year. If leagues have already been cancelled, we are encouraging venues to arrange friendly matches with local clubs or you could look to run a local cup competition.

2.    How is the National Premier League affected?

The decision has been made by the Tournament Director, Mike Dixon, to postpone the 2020 finals (due to take place at the end of April). The finals have now been rearranged to take place from 10-13 September 2020 at Sutton Tennis & Squash Club.

3.    How is this Seniors Tennis GB Inter-club Championships event affected?

The decision has been made to cancel the event for 2020 for all age groups. Many players in these competitions are considered within the high risk category and we felt the chance of completing all matches across all age groups is low. We are however, encouraging clubs to arrange friendly matches with other clubs.

LTA National League (all tiers)

1.    Will the National League Summer (all tiers and age groups) take place this summer?

In April, the decision was made to cancel the 2020 National League season for all tiers. The majority of counties will be running a National League in the winter starting from September, either by putting together a completely new league, or by rescheduling the summer league to take place in the winter months. Each county may be different so please contact your league organiser directly with any queries on your specific league. In the majority of cases entry fee payments made will be carried over to the next National League season, however, again please contact your league organiser with any queries on this.

As the summer league is cancelled we encourage clubs and teams to arrange friendly matches with other local clubs.

2.    We have matches scheduled in the National League Winter, what should we do?

The majority of matches for the 2019-20 winter season should now be completed, however, any future matches should now be cancelled. Please contact your league organiser directly for further guidance.

Further information on the 2020-21 season will be available in the coming months via

LTA County Cup

1.    Will County Cup events be going ahead as planned this year?

As County Week and Over 35s was due to take place before 31 August 2020 they will unfortunately be cancelled . The 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U and 14U events due to take place in May and June have already been cancelled. Plans for Winter County Cup are still in place.

2.    Will the 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 14U, Summer County Cup and Over 35's Events be rescheduled for later in the year?

Regrettably, due to an already full calendar it is highly unlikely that we will be able to reschedule these County Cup Events for later in the year. 

3.    Will County Week still take place?

We are disappointed to announce the 125th anniversary of ‘County Week’ has been cancelled, and the 125th anniversary will be celebrated in 2021.

4.    Will Seniors County Cup matches go ahead as planned?

The decision has been made to cancel the event for 2020 for all age groups. Many players in these competitions are considered within the high risk category and we felt the chance of completing all matches across all age groups is low. We are however, encouraging counties to arrange friendly matches with other neighbouring counties.

There will be no promotion or relegation for this season, and all teams will start in the same divisions for 2021.

5.    Will there be a County Cup race this year?

The County Cup race for 2020 will be void. This is due to currently a maximum of three age groups/events being able to take place this year (18U and Winter County Cup), all other age groups and events, including Over 35s, have unfortunately been cancelled due to Covid-19. The County Cup race will start again in 2021.

Schools Team Tennis

1.    Will the Schools Team Tennis National Championships take place?

Given the suspension of LTA competitions until 31 August 2020, and the uncertainty around when schools will re-open the National Championships will be cancelled for 2020.  The knockout matches were due to be played between 18 March and 3 June.

2.    Will the Schools Team Tennis Year 7/8 & 9/10 take place?

Given the suspension of LTA competitions until 31 August 2020, and the uncertainty around when schools will be re-open the Year 7/8 & 9/10 Competition will be cancelled for 2020.  We understand that the Knockout, Regional Finals and National Finals take place between September and December, however the league fixtures take place in the Summer Term (April – July) and if this stage is not completed it would be difficult to schedule the rest of the competition.

3.    Will the Schools Games tennis (Years 3/4 & 5/6) events take place this year?

School Games tennis events are not governed by the LTA, they are part of the wider School Games programme and delivered locally as part of School Games Organisers’ plans, which the LTA supports. Government recently announced that all schools are to close (for most pupils) from 20 March

When the position around schools re-opening becomes clearer, the LTA will liaise with local and national partners involved in managing the School Games programme, remaining sensitive to the fact that schools will have other important priorities to deal with initially. Any queries regarding these events should be directed to your local School Games Organiser.


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