Coronavirus (Covid-19) FAQs for Competitions - Officials



This page aims to answer some of the key questions for officials in relation to the coronavirus (Covid-19). Should you have any further questions you’d like addressed please contact the LTA Services Team via the contact form.

FAQs for players in relation to competitions are provided here.

Further information and advice around Covid-19 relating to tennis in Britain more broadly can be seen on the LTA’s dedicated page at

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Why have you decided to cancel all LTA staged and LTA approved competitions (Grade 1 to 5) up to Monday 31st August?

This decision has been made for the following reasons:

  • We wanted to provide our Organisers, Officials, Venues and Counties with as much certainty as possible during this challenging period
  • Weeklong competitions require a number of weeks of planning, particularly with the likelihood of following strict social distancing guidelines, and the current situation makes that very difficult
  • We expect ongoing restrictions to mean that medium / large scale events (which see a large number of players, coaches, parents and spectators) are unlikely to be viable for some time
  • Given that some competition organisers have already had to cancel their week long tournaments during late July and into August for logistical reasons beyond their control, we were concerned about the potential inconsistency in opportunities for players with some counties/regions not having any competition and ranking point opportunities in certain weeks, which would be unfair for certain players

2.    Will I be able to run any competition over the summer holiday period?

Whilst extending the cancellation of LTA staged and LTA approved competitions (Grade 1 to 5) it does present an opportunity, and does not mean that organisers & officials won't be able to stage any activity.

Subject to future Government guidelines, we hope there will be the opportunity for organisers and officials to run some form of competition activity during the summer season..  Players will still be very keen to compete and we are hopeful that small draws (e.g. 8 or 16 players) may be possible from late July.

We therefore ask that if organisers & officials were due to run weeklong Grade 3 & 4 competitions during this period you hold onto the court time for now and consider running as many one day events such as Matchplays, for as many age groups, as possible.

Here is our draft roadmap:

  1. Wednesday 13th May onwards – Local Tennis Leagues & LTA Youth Box Leagues, and venues can run internal club box leagues/ladders
  2. Middle of July - A further update to you all once the Government has provided further information on how and when sports can return to competition
  3. Late July onwards (provisional) - Grade 6 competitions, local friendly matches between clubs & counties, one day/half day events etc
  4. September onwards – Return to normal

Our aim is for all competition activity to return as soon as possible, in a way that is safe and appropriate for both players and officials, based on Government restrictions and advice at any given time.  We understand that once competition does return it is likely to be different and we have already prepared some guidelines to support you.  We have also scheduled a zoom call for organisers & officials on Tuesday 7th July at 10am to answer any questions you may have. To sign up use the link on the email from Competition Support.

3.    Can I cancel competitions now that are scheduled to take place after 31 August 2020?

At this stage we would encourage organisers not to cancel competitions that are due to take place after 31 August, in the hope that the situation may improve and these competitions will be able to go ahead. 

4.    Can I delay the ‘Accepting Entries’ date for my competitions that are due to take place after the 31 August 2020?

Yes, this can be done by emailing Please provide the relevant tournament codes and confirm the date you would like your competition(s) to open for entries. 

5.    How do I cancel my competition and issue refunds to players?

      1. Log in to the LTA website and select Competition Organiser under your initials on the top right hand corner

Officials - cancel competition

      2. The list of competitions under your name will appear.

      3. Select the Manage Refunds option

Select the manage refunds option

      4. Select the relevant age group and tick the box in the Refund column against those players who you would like to refund then process the refund

Refunds - Select the relevant age group

      5. Once all refunds are processed you can cancel the competition. If you cancel the competition before managing refunds the Manage Refund option will disappear!

Cancel the competition

      6. If refunds through the Competition Organiser area fail, you will need to log into your PayPal account and manually issue the refunds from there.

6.    Will the LTA be offering any compensation in relation to the 2.9%+30p refund transaction fees?

Yes, the LTA Competition Support Team have contacted organisers who were due to claim.

7.    How can I claim the refund transaction fee compensation being offered by the LTA?

Details of how to claim the compensation from transaction fees are being finalised by the LTA Competition Support Team and was communicated during the week commencing 6 April 2020.

8.    Will the Referee Workshops be rescheduled?

We have planned the remaining referee workshops as webinars (w/c 27 April) to pass on key updates to referees with circa 200 referees attending.

9.    Will Referee Courses be rescheduled?

All  planned courses before the end of August 2020 will be rescheduled for later in the year.  We will contact all selected officials, and all eligible officials, once a date has been arranged.

We will not plan any other Referee Courses, or Court Supervisor Courses, until the autumn of 2020.

10.    I was selected by the LTA for a professional event where I was due to receive a fee.  What can I claim?

Designate Officials at professional events can claim 50% of the fee if an event is  cancelled.  If the event is cancelled less than eight weeks before the scheduled start of the event, Designate Officials can claim the full fee. 

11.     Wimbledon is cancelled, will I be able to claim my fee and any non-refundable expenses?

All selected officials will be contacted by LTA Officiating to outline what can be claimed, if anything, by each official.

12.    I was selected by the LTA for a non-professional competition or as an Officiating tutor for a course where I was due to receive a fee.  What can I claim?

Referees & Court Supervisors selected by the LTA at non-professional tennis can claim the fee they were due to receive if a competition is cancelled less than two weeks before the scheduled start of the event, or 50% of the fee if the competition is cancelled more than two weeks before the scheduled start of the event.

Officiating Course Tutors selected by the LTA can claim the fee they were due to receive if a course is cancelled less than two weeks before the scheduled start of the course, or 50% of the fee if the course is cancelled more than two weeks before the scheduled start of the course.

13.    I was selected by the LTA for a competition which is now cancelled and booked travel and/or accommodation which is non-refundable.  What can I claim?

Officials selected by the LTA for a competition up to and including the 31 August 2020 which is now cancelled can claim non-refundable expenses.  Officials should email with the details and include copies of the necessary receipts and booking conditions.

14.    I am a self-employed full time official.  Is there any support the LTA can offer me?

The LTA provided financial support grants for full time LTA Licensed Officials covering both the self employed and those who are sole directors of limited companies.  The applications period closed on Thursday 23rd April.

15.    I am over 70 and will be required to self-isolate for three months.  What impact will this have on my officiating?

Firstly, we support all officials in taking the necessary action as advised by the Government.  We can assure all officials who are required to self-isolate that it will have no impact on their officiating, including but not limited to future selections and grading.

16.    I am due to renew my Officials’ Licence what should I do?

We have agreed a period of leniency for all LTA Licensed Officials which will see a temporary extension to their licence grace period and insurance policies.

If your Officials Licence has recently expired or is due to expire in the coming months we have extended your licence grace period until 31st July. This will provide temporary relief of all pre-requisites including DBS, safeguarding and CPD credits. During this period officials who are in their grace period will now be covered by the insurance policies. This extension applies from now and your officials secure area will be updated. Those officials affected will receive an email with more information.

Officials not already part of the LTA Officials Licence Scheme will need to meet requirements as normal. It may therefore not be possible for new officials to join the LTA Officials Licence Scheme during this period, due to an inability to attain certain requirements.

17.    How will tournament cancellations affect my grade?

Referees who have been forced to cancel competitions should include details on their Referee Work Card online.  However, the event days or number of entries field should be left blank.  This will then be taken into consideration at the end of the year when grades are reviewed.

On-court officials who were due to officiate at tournaments which are now cancelled will not be credited with the days on their record.  However, the LTA Officiating team will review all data at the end of year to ensure that officials who are in this position are not adversely affected.

18.    If a tournament I was selected for is rescheduled, will I be selected automatically?

Future selections will be made in the same way as usual and therefore, we will base selections on the availability received at that time.  We will not give priority to officials selected for a particular event should that event be rescheduled.

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