Tennis Q&A with Kaiser Chiefs


Kaiser Chiefs

This year British Tennis are serving up a volley of noise both on and off the court after launching a music section with Shoot Music.

We caught up with drummer Peanut from Kaiser Chiefs and chatted to him about his love of tennis. Kaiser Chiefs' new album, Stay Together, is out October 7.

Have you ever played tennis or been to a match?
I've played a few times but never seen a professional match.

Who do you want to win the ATP World Tour Finals this year?
Somebody who looks like they enjoy it??

If there was a half-time show at Grand Slams, like the Super Bowl, who would you like to see play?
A half-time show at the tennis? If it was as big as the superbowl, then obviously we should play it.

What is your favourite sporting movie?
I saw the Eddie The Eagle film a few months ago. Liked it.

What song would you listen to in preparation for a match?
Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin.

Which tennis player would you like to duet with?
I reckon Andre Agassi could spit some mean raps.

Who would be your dream doubles partner?
I think Djokovic and I would make an excellent partnership.

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