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Players from all across Wales were among the winners at the Welsh National Tennis Championships, held last week at Wrexham Tennis Centre. Returning for the first time since 2019 due to the pandemic, the Welsh National Championships provide a fitting climax to a Summer of competition across Wales.

In all, over 117 players took part in the competition held over 6 day, playing 253 matches, with events for 8-and-under through to adults, including a return of the recently added Mixed Doubles Event for juniors.

“This is one of the key events of the year in Welsh tennis,” said Tennis Wales Competition Manager, Mark Lewis. “The championships showcase leading players across the age groups, and the standard of competition is very high.

“It’s really inspiring to see the standard of play and everyone back enjoying their tennis competitively.”

Jemimah Choi and Oliver Page were two stand out performers across the week with Oliver winning singles and doubles titles in the 14U and 16U age groups and Jemimah winning all five events entered; 16U and Ladies Singles, 18U Mixed  and 18U and Ladies Doubles.  

Winners (1) and runners-up (2) as follows:

Open Women’s Doubles

            1         Aditi Chezian and Jemimah Choi                        (Ellesmere College and Wrexham Tennis Centre)

            2         Rhian Griffiths and Buddug James                       (Cardiff LTC)

Open Men’s Doubles

            1         Rhys Morgan and Alex Richards                          (Mackintosh LTC)

            2         Sebastian Birchall and Owen Critchell                 (Bangor LTC and Ellesmere College)

Open Women’s Singles

            1        Jemimah Choi                                                        (Wrexham Tennis Centre)

            2        Alexandra Nikonenko                                             (David Lloyd Club Swansea)                          

Open Men’s Singles

            1       Gethin Williams                                                       (Rhiwbina LTC)                                                             

            2       Alex Richards                                                          (Mackintosh LTC)                

Open Men’s Wheelchair Doubles

           1        Tony Heslop and Kevin Lewis                               (Cardiff Wheelchair Tennis Club)            

           2        Paul Furber and Paul Preece                                  (Cardiff Wheelchair Tennis Club)

Open Men’s Wheelchair Singles

           1        Tony Heslop                                                        (Cardiff Wheelchair Tennis Club)                               

           2        Paul Furber                                                          (Cardiff Wheelchair Tennis Club)          

18U Mixed Doubles

            1         Jemimah Choi and Owen Critchell                       (Wrexham Tennis Centre and Ellesmere College)

            2         Elizabeth Evans and Oliver Page                         (Swansea Tennis Centre)

18U Boys Doubles

            1         Neirin Gilani and Simon Hegarty                          (Windsor LTC, Penarth and Millfield College)

            2         Owen Critchell and Garmon Evans                      (Ellesmere College and Oswestry Team Tennis)

18U Girls Doubles

            1         Aditi Chezian and Jemimah Choi                        (Ellesmere College and Wrexham Tennis Centre)

            2         Alexandra Nikonenko and Erin Passmore            (David Lloyd Club Swansea and Llanelli LTC)

18U Girls Singles

            1         Alexandra Nikonenko                                            (David Lloyd Club Swansea)

            2         Erin Passmore                                                      (Llanelli LTC)

18U Boys Singles

            1         Neirin Gilani                                                           (Windsor LTC, Penarth)

            2         Conor Evans                                                         (Whitchurch LTC)

16U Boys Doubles

            1         Archie Gray and Oliver Page                                (Swansea Tennis Centre and Dinas Powys LTC)        

            2         Sebastian Griffiths and Connor Evans                  (David Lloyd Club Swansea and Whitchurch LTC)

16U Girls Singles

            1         Jemimah Choi                                                       (Wrexham Tennis Centre)

            2         Rezi Onibere                                                         (Prestatyn Tennis Club)

16U Boys Singles

            1         Oliver Page                                                           (Swansea Tennis Centre)                              

            2         Simon Hegarty                                                      (Millfield College)

14U Girls Doubles

            1         Jemima Dean and Nia Lewis                                (Dinas Powys LTC and Swansea Tennis Centre )

            2         Isabella Lieve Morgan and Lily Thomas               (Llanelli LTC and Swansea Tennis Centre )

14U Boys Doubles

            1         Oliver Page and Archie Gray                                (Swansea Tennis Centre and Dinas Powys LTC)        

            2         Simon Hegarty and Sebastian Griffiths                (Millfield College and David Lloyd Club Swansea)

14U Girls Singles

           1          Elizabeth Evans                                                    (Swansea Tennis Centre)

            2         Jemima Dean                                                        (Dinas Powys LTC)

14U Boys Singles

            1          Oliver Page                                                          (Swansea Tennis Centre)

            2          Archie Gray                                                          (Dinas Powys LTC)

12U Boys Doubles

            1         Max Cichon and Jacob Pearson                          (David Lloyd Club Swansea)                          

            2         Matthias Ruggles and Maximillian Swayne          Swansea Tennis Centre and Usk Tennis Club

12U Girls Doubles

            1         Emma Ketler and Isabella Lieve Morgan              (Diamond Tennis Academy and Llanelli LTC)             

            2         Gwen Mchugh and Adrianna Sophos                   (David Lloyd Club Swansea and Swansea Tennis Centre)

12U Girls Singles

            1         Isabella Lieve Morgan                                           (Llanelli LTC)

            2         Emma Ketler                                                         (Diamond Tennis Academy)

12U Boys Singles

            1         Max Cichon                                                           (David Lloyd Club Swansea)

            2         Jacob Pearson                                                      (David Lloyd Club Swansea)

11U Girls Singles

            1         Isabella Lieve Morgan                                           (Llanelli LTC)

            2         Lily Thomas                                                          (Swansea Tennis Centre)

11U Boys Singles

            1         William Adams                                                      (Usk Tennis Club)

            2         Jacob Pearson                                                     (David Lloyd Club Swansea)

10U Girls Singles

            1         Amelie Caesar                                                      (Windsor LTC, Penarth)

            2         Ffion Williams-Evans                                            (Swansea Tennis Centre)

10U Boys Singles

            1         Brayden Sophos                                                   (Swansea Tennis Centre)

            2         Dantae Mwila                                                        (David Lloyd Club Swansea)

9U Mixed Singles

            1          Leo Weston                                                         (Llanelli LTC)

            2          Charlie Newman                                                  (Windsor LTC, Penarth)

8U Mixed Singles

            1          Zara Hegarty                                                        (Bridgend LTC)

            2          Gethin Williams-Evans                                         (Swansea Tennis Centre)


 Thank you to everyone who took part in the event and to our hosts Wrexham Tennis Centre, and huge congratulations to all of the winners.

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