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Since 2012, Tennis Wales has invested £30,000 in funding to support Tennis Clubs & Coaches to increase the number of Tennis Leaders trained & volunteering across Wales. In total we’ve trained over 3,000 Leaders who have delivered more than 15,000 volunteer hours, supporting the growth of tennis across the country which has been an outstanding success.  

As we look to the future, we are making some changes to the Tennis Leader scheme here in Wales & the funding we make available.

What’s going to change?

We currently have 250 active Tennis Leaders in Wales & we want to spend some time in the next few years helping those young people to progress further into tennis. Instead of offering funding, clothing and equipment for young people to become new Tennis Leaders, we’ll instead be investing in helping existing Leaders progress to obtain their UKCC Level 1 qualifications and beyond through our coaching qualification pathway. If we can help some of these young people forge a career in tennis we’ll see our sport grow further.

What funding & support will be available?

Tennis Wales will be launching additional funding programmes, bursaries and coach education courses targeting young people who wish to become accredited UKCC L1, UKCC Level 2 and UKCC Level 3 coaches in Wales. This has already gone live, with an additional £5,000 being provided in 2019 and our plans for 2020 onwards will see more courses, bursaries and mentoring for young and new coaches.  

What does this mean for Tennis Leaders?

Venues and Coaches are still encouraged to train Tennis Leaders across Wales. We know that we require young people to come into the sport, deliver volunteer activity and help keep tennis growing. You’ll still be able to access all the resources made available from the LTA but we won’t be providing the Tennis Wales funding to do so, unless it’s part of a locally agreed scheme or project on a case by case basis. We still have funding available until the end of the year for any upcoming courses you’ve already scheduled and planned.

Why are you making these changes?

We’ve spent £30,000 over the last 7 years and have trained an incredible 3,000 Tennis Leaders with your support. We also know that venues and coaches are telling us they need more people with coaching qualifications and that the cost of the ‘next step’ can be prohibitive. We’re aiming to direct funding differently. It can cost just £10 to become a Tennis Leader, but a Level 1 course can cost £200+. We want to help more young people progress from Tennis Leaders and obtain formal coaching qualifications to kick start their career.

What can you do to help?

We’d love venues and Coaches to continue training their own Tennis Leaders on a regular basis. You can also help your existing Leaders by signposting them to us here at Tennis Wales  if they wish to go onto a formal coaching course. We aim to increase the number of accredited assistant coaches substantially so we can do more in schools, clubs and parks in future years.

Please contact Tennis Wales should you need any advice.

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