Sport Science and Sport Medicine

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The sportscotland institute of sport (SIS) the national agency for high performance sport is led by Mike Whittingham, sportscotland Director of High Performance, and its network of high performance managers and specialists. SIS provides high performance leadership and expertise to sports and athletes throughout Scotland and the UK. The sportscotland institute of sport have 20 years of experience providing full integrated performance expertise to Scottish and British Sport.

World-class practitioners from SIS will provide sports science and sport medicine (SSSM) support to the GB National Tennis Academy. Sport science and medicine support aims to consistently optimise performance level providing a holistic co-ordination of support.

Meet the Sport Science and Sports Medicine Practitioners

Sean Tough Physical Preparation sports science & sports medicine practitioner.




Sean Tough, Physical Preparation

Sean oversees the design and delivery of physical preparation. SIS support is passionate and professional in pursuit of the best possible physical performance.

  • Programmes designed and implemented in conjunction with coaches and other service providers
  • Proactive approach to injury prevention; where required develop and deliver rehabilitation programmes
  • Design and deliver effective integrated tracking and monitoring protocols and processes

Sean also co-ordinates the wider support service team. Sean’s previous work involved leading physical preparation for the Scottish national women’s hockey team and the diving programme. During his time Sean developed Scotland’s first female diving Olympian and Britain’s first finalist (8th).  


Catherine Smaill physiotherapy sport science & sport medicine practitioner.




Catherine Smaill, Physiotherapy

Catherine leads on the delivery of physiotherapy for the GB National Tennis Academy, providing:

  • Musculoskeletal health to help players train and compete without physical restriction
  • Development of efficient and effective movement
  • Developing players who are robust and resistant to injury
  • Management of injury risk as well as assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of any injuries.

Catherine is the lead physiotherapist for Snowsports and supported the GB team at their most successful Winter Paralympics in Pyeongchang in 2018.


Jessica Thom Performance Psychology sport science & sport medicine practitioner.




Jessica Thom, Performance Psychology

Jess will primarily deliver performance psychology support including:

  • Train players to regulate their thoughts, emotions and actions;
  • Specialised work in the area of visual routines, self-regulation & mindfulness;
  • Cutting edge delivery in special projects including neuroscience.

Jess also works with British Shooting and has experience of working with Wasps Rugby, the British Olympic Bobsleigh team, Welsh U20 Lacrosse and a number of professional football clubs.


Brown Ferguson Performance Lifestyle sport science & sport medicine practitioner.




Brown Ferguson, Performance Lifestyle

Brown will co-ordinate, oversee and deliver Performance Lifestyle support, including:

  • Dual career and transition management
  • Professional and personal development
  • Lifestyle management
  • Preparation for a successful life after sport

Brown has been working with Scottish tennis players since he started working for the SIS in 2012. He has also led support for curling, swimming and triathlon. Brown brings a wealth of experience – particularly working with athletes on the transition pathway through sport and studies.


Kenny More Performance Analysis sport science & sport medicine practitioner.




Kenny More, Performance Analysis

Support will be co-ordinated and overseen by Kenny More, Notational Analysis Lead at sportscotland which provides:

  • Specialised services in data management, notational analysis, skill acquisition and special projects and innovation
  • Working with measurement-based processes and provide evidence based support

Kenny has over 18 years of experience with SIS across 5 Olympic and Commonwealth Games cycles, as well as having been match analyst to the National Men’s Football Team for 8 years. Support will be primarily delivered by Simon Lovelock and supported by Marc Kinsey, MSc student in Performance Analysis.


Rebecca Burns Performance Nutrition sport science & sport medicine practitioner.




Rebecca Burns, Performance Nutrition

Rebecca Burns will primarily deliver Performance Nutrition support. Rebecca will help educate players to select the right foods and fluids, in the right quantity and at the right time to:

  • Maximise training gains
  • Enhance recovery
  • Reduce risk of illness
  • Optimum body morphology for tennis

Rebecca works with Tennis Scotland and Dollar Academy to ensure that nutrition requirements for all players are met on a group and individual basis. Rebecca has previously worked with the NHS, Sport Wales Institute of Sport where she supported Swim Wales and Welsh Cycling at the Commonwealth Games in the Gold Coast. Rebecca has represented Scotland in athletics.


Dr Niall Elliot Sports Medicine sport science & sport medicine practitioner.




Dr Niall Elliot, Sports Medicine

Niall is the Head of Sports Medicine at SIS and will oversee the medical network support for GB NTA who:

  • Work closely with the wider support team in an inter disciplinary way to support the need to training and compete effectively
  • Focus on preventing illness and injury and delivering evidence-based medical care after accurate diagnosis, careful clinical examination, experience and knowledge in order to maintain a healthy athlete.
  • Will look at travel implications, rest and recovery and promote clean sport
  • Oversee referrals through the medical insurance scheme

Niall is the Chief Medical Officer to Team GB for Tokyo 2020, having performed the role at two prior Summer Olympic Games and two Winter Olympic Games, as well as for Team Scotland at three Commonwealth Games.


David Sommerville High Performance Manager at SIS




David Sommerville, High Performance Manager at SIS

David is a High Performance Manager at SIS. David provides leadership and expertise to the GB National Tennis Academy. David plays a key strategic role, fostering a strong partnership between Tennis Scotland and SIS.

David champions the SIS approach to apply the important framework of:

  • High Challenge
  • High Support
  • High Integrity

David drives support in an interdisciplinary way, working as a team in a programme which is athlete-centred and coach-led.

Elsewhere David supports other areas of the tennis performance pathway in Scotland, as well as a number of other sports including athletics, boxing and judo.

David was previously JudoScotland National High Performance Coach, where he worked with Olympians and Paralympians, World, European and Commonwealth medallists, achieving the accolade of 2014 Scottish Performance Coach of the Year, after the historic success at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games. David is a former Commonwealth medallist.