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Tennis Scotland Coach Hardship Grant Scheme


Hardship Grant Scheme For Coaches

Tennis Scotland would like to support those affected by the coronavirus pandemic with the goal of ensuring that tennis in Scotland emerges from this period in as strong and healthy a position as possible and that our sport is able to continue its growth and development even at this challenging time.

As you may be aware, the LTA has already put in place a financial grant that is designed to complement schemes put in place by the Government as a key element of its coach support package with the aim of supporting those coaches who are full-time and self-employed. To complement this further, and in order to help tennis in Scotland remain in as strong and healthy a position as possible, and after liaison with the LTA, Tennis Scotland is putting in place a further scheme to support those self-employed coaches who work between 10 - 29 hours per week (combining both on and off court responsibilities).

Therefore, we invite you to review the documentation and, if you meet the eligibility criteria, we encourage you to submit an application. The support being offered is awards of up to £1,000 and will be paid in one single payment to eligible coaches upon successful application. Please note that funding is limited and we cannot guarantee that all applications will be successful.

Eligibility Criteria

This grant is available, at the discretion of Tennis Scotland, for those LTA Accredited Coaches and Tutors who are affected by an inability to coach or run a programme. To access the grant, you will need to match all of the eligibility criteria below:

  1. As at 10 April 2020, you were an LTA Accredited or Accredited+ coach (or within your grace period following expiry of your accreditation);
  2. As at the date of your last LTA Coach Accreditation renewal, you either had self-employed status or were the director of a limited company with no employees other than yourself;
  3. As at the date of your last LTA Coach Accreditation renewal, you were working between 10 – 29 hours per week (combining both on and off-court responsibilities) and this work was conducted in Scotland; and
  4. You have shown support to help kick start tennis as the restrictions have been lifted through the ‘Back to Tennis’ campaign.

Please read the full eligibility terms and conditions before you complete the form on the coaches hardship fund page. If you need any assistance, please contact Kirsty Humphries, Head of Participation and Development, on 07736 602093 or email info@tennisscotland.org

*Please note, the deadline for application is 12 noon on 07.08.20

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