Quick Access Loan Scheme

Nottingham Tennis Centre showcases a kids tennis programme

Our mission is to grow tennis by making it relevant, accessible, welcoming and enjoyable. Ensuring local communities have access to quality facilities is critical to attracting and retaining more players.

The LTA’s facility loan scheme provides interest free loans from £25,000 up to £250,000. The funding stream will prioritise investment into low cost indoor structures and floodlights to enable communities to grow participation by accessing all year round facilities. 

The objectives of the fund are:

  • To provide indoor or floodlit and year round playing facilities to encourage community accessible play all year
  • Enhance facilities to create better playing environments to encourage play all year (link to ‘what we will fund’)
  • Retain and increase the number of participants at the venue
  • Offer and increase both non-member pay and play usage and coaching opportunities
  • Grow the numbers of adults and juniors on the coaching programme
  • Provide online booking through ClubSpark with courts available through LTA Rally.

Who we want to work with Who we want to work with addremove

We want to work with people, committees and organisations that are committed to growing tennis by opening up access at their venue, are effectively engaging their community and have the skills to deliver their project.

We want to achieve the LTA’s vision of Tennis Opened Up and provide relevant, accessible, welcoming and enjoyable environments for all members of the community, growing participation and online booking access via ClubSpark and LTA Rally.

What do we consider community usage?

LTA loan funding is held and awarded by the LTA Trust Charity. The aims of the Charity are to promote community participation by providing facilities for playing tennis.  To meet the LTA Trusts objectives projects must demonstrate how they will widen access to tennis and achieve the LTAs vision of 'Tennis Opened Up'.

Applicants must demonstrate how the wider community will benefit from LTA Trust investment. This should include:-

Pay and Play:

Opportunities should be available within parks and clubs. Clubs should ensure daily opportunities for non members to book courts at peak (evenings 6-9pm/weekends) and off peak times. Pay and Play is a great way to attract a new user group and engage them in membership and the coaching programme.


Affordable coaching opportunities, with a programme that is accessible to non members.

Community outreach:

Links with local schools, with coaches delivering tennis opportunities to school pupils; community open access days - LTA Big Tennis Weekends and outreach coaching in local parks and community settings.

To ensure a great user journey and experience for the community, courts and other playing opportunities must be available via online booking, ideally through ClubSpark to ensure promotion on LTA Rally.  Other booking systems will be accepted as long as they demonstrate an easy user journey, which is well promoted.

Learn more about LTA Rally.

We also want to work with financially sustainable venues with an adequate sinking fund, as well as constituted organisations or recognised bodies that have security of tenure at their venue through freehold, lease or license; and are legally able to borrow money.

What we will fund What we will fund addremove

Funding will be prioritised as follows:

  • Low cost indoor buildings
  • Installation of new floodlights.

Consideration for funding will be given to projects that include:

  • Court surface upgrades to a year round playing surface
  • New tennis courts
  • Padel courts
  • Accessible facilities that cater for disabled players
  • Innovation to drive membership, usage and tennis participation.
  • Clubhouses - only as part of a wider project for low cost indoor structures, new tennis courts or new floodlights.

To apply for funding for these types of projects the applicant will need to clearly demonstrate community accessibility outlined here and participation growth.

Unfortunately, the following are not eligible project costs: coaching and equipment costs, routine maintenance, conversion of halide floodlights to LED clubhouse renovations, like for like resurfacing (unless there are exceptional circumstances), purchase of land, new venues/organisations without financial history e.g. 2 years of accounts, retrospective funding and facilities exclusively for other sports.

What we will fund:

  • Installation of airhall over two existing courts.
  • Installation of 2 new sets of floodlights on existing courts,
  • Installation of 2 new padel courts.
  • Conversion of seasonal courts e.g. shale or grass courts to all weather courts.

What we won’t fund:

  • Like for like resurfacing from all-weather surface e.g. artificial grass or clay to another all-weather surface.

Applicant funding Applicant funding addremove

The applicant will be expected to contribute towards the cost of the project through reserves, accessing other funding sources and fundraising e.g. crowd funder. Resources to help you find applicant funding are available on the Tennis and Padel facility funding and advice webpage.

Securing LTA trust investment Securing LTA trust investment addremove

Depending on level of funding we will look to take security unless this is impossible (facility is Council or educational establishment).

  1. For loans of £100,000 and above a legal charge will be sought on the land.
  2. For loans between £50,000 and £100,000 a restriction will be sought on the land.

For loans from £25,001 to £49,999 no charge or restriction will be sought.

Repayment Terms

Repayment terms offered will be a maximum of 10 years. In some cases, if the loan can be repaid more readily, this may be reduced.

The first repayment is typically 6 months after funding released.

Supporting Documents Supporting Documents addremove

Once you have submitted an expression of interest form a member of the Facilities Team will be in touch with you to discuss you’re funding further and they will ask you to provide supporting documents.

Please see the table below which outlines the documents they will require as well as provides you with examples and guidance information.


Relevant documents and information

Helpful Hints

Completed cashflow and application form

We have also completed a sample application form with accompanying sample accounts to help you develop your application. There is also a guidance note available for further information on how to complete your application. 

Business Plan

View the guidance notes to help you develop your business plan and provide you with advice on how to attract more participants to your venue.

2 years accounts


The cash balances should match the cashflow in the application form.

Scope of works and 3 tendered costs and a tender report

The LTA works with a number of consultants who can help you develop your project scope and tender documents. Consultant costs can be included in the overall project cost.

Draft legal agreements

Quick Access Loan Agreement Templates


Expression of interest

Please fill out the expression of interest form below and a member of the Facilities Team will be in touch to discuss your funding options. 

Full name
Venue name
Venue location(s)
Venue postcode
Email address
Phone number
Current site operator
Land owner
Anticipated project cost
Anticipated loan amount
Funding stream
Project description
Please be as specific as possible e.g. number of gates, floodlights, new/indoor courts & how this project will open tennis up.