Tennis Tournament Planner (TTP)

The tennis tournament planner (TTP) is a competition planning and management tool available free of charge to tennis venues and tournament organisers.

How to apply

Simply fill out our online form to apply for a licence online

TTP guides

  • TTP User Guide (NEW 2021 version) (a comprehensive step by step guide describing all available features) 
  • TTP Quick Start Guide (NEW 2021 version) (a quick-start guide for one-day events that covers the basic features of TTP)

Download TTP

The TTP software is continually being developed so it is important to check that you are using the latest version. 

Latest version     Release date Version number  Note
Download TTP 30/11/2021 2021.3e  
Download TTP 2022 17/01/2022 2022.1b Please wait to receive a 2022 licence before installing the latest version of the software. 

How to install Tennis Tournament Planner.

How to set up Tournament Planner to work with Gmail, Hotmail, AOL & Yahoo

Quick Guide to TTP Draw Stages