Box League Manager

As part of the LTA’s vision to open tennis open, we are committed to making finding and entering competitions easier and more accessible for everyone. This includes supporting Organisers and Officials in carrying out all their tasks quickly and efficiently using the same platform.

With this in mind the LTA Competitions Team, in partnership with Visual Reality, have developed the LTA’s first Box League Manager tool, to create a smooth user journey for Organisers, Officials and Coaches in running internal box leagues through the Competition Management System. 

Using the new mobile friendly Box League Manager tool, Players can submit results directly to the Competition Management System which results will immediately appear on their Players’ profiles within the system. These results will also automatically feed through to the ITF World Tennis Number.

Using Box League Manager

Box League Manager can be used for all internal box league events (Grade 7/Ungraded)

The tool offers a quick and easy way to set up events, including automatic lookup of registered LTA members to add to events and automatic results loading. Once each round is completed the tool is automatically promoting and relegating players between groups and giving the ability to add new Players into the upcoming round.

Who Can Use the Box League Manager tool?

The tool is available to:

  • LTA Accredited Coaches
  • Those who have completed a Competition Organiser Course
  • Recognised Club Officials

Access Box League Manager 

Box League Manager and Results Manager are both tools to help running internal club competitions. With this in mind, access to both tools will be available through one application.

  • If you haven't used Results Manager before please use the Application Form below to request access.
  • If you already have Results Manager access set up no new application is required, Box League Manager will automatically be added to your account.

Once the Results Manager / Box League Manager access is set up log into the Competition Management System and select the Box League Manager option on the left side of the Home screen.


Further information on accessing and using the Box League Manager can be found in the following Quick Start Guide.

Submitting Results

Please note that submitting false results is a serious offence.

Results Manager & Box League Manager users are expected to uphold the highest standards of integrity; any transgressions will be taken very seriously and be referred to the LTA Disciplinary Panel.