Quorn Family Tennis Cup - Red Ball competitions

The Quorn Family Tennis Cup (QFTC) is an informal, family doubles competition. Mini (10 and under) players play with an adult family member in a fun atmosphere at local venues. It encourages families to play tennis together, and eat healthy food to complement an active lifestyle.

Nearly 700 club events ran in 2019 with more than 8,000 players taking part and having fun!

How do the Mini Club Events work?

  • Sign-up via the online form on this page and receive a Competition Pack full of everything you need to run a Family Tennis Cup event including a handy how-to-guide, posters, prizes, giveaways, stickets, certificates and more
  • We suggest a 1 to 2 hour fun competition and all events must be complete before May 31st 2020
  • Children aged 10 and under play doubles with an adult family member*
  • Matches are played on mini tennis red sized courts with soft (red) balls
  • A small entry fee is encouraged so that venues cover their organiser costs

* Adult family member (18+ years) - parent, carer, guardian, step parent, co-parent, uncle, auntie, sibling or grandparent.

How do the Mini Festival Days work?

As an added bonus, the winning pair from each Mini Cub event will be invited to a Mini Festival Day hosted at an LTA Summer Grass Court event in June (e.g. Nature Valley Open, Nottingham).

To qualify for a Festival Day, the venue must submit results by midnight April 26, 2020.

The Festival Days include some more, fun family doubles tennis as well as goodies and prizes for all the junior players. After enjoying lunch, players and parents are free to enjoy the professional tennis taking place at whichever event they are visiting for the rest of the day.

How to Sign Up

Use the online form on this page to quickly order a pack.

  • Sign up by: 9 February
  • Packs delivered by: 14 February


  • The venue must be LTA Registered

  • Access to Mini Tennis equipment (nets, balls, 21” or 23” rackets etc.)

  • It is expected that the Organiser has some experience running club competitions. However, a helpful organiser guide is provided to support anyone who needs it.

  • No minimum size of venue or amount of players.


If you have any queries about the Quorn Family Tennis Cup please email: familytenniscup@LTA.org.uk