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Who can be considered as a volunteer at our venue and how can they be listed for the LTA Volunteer Wimbledon Ballot?
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We define a volunteer as someone who is doing an unpaid role for the benefit of others, with payment defined as receiving anything over and above out of pocket expenses. Venues must follow this guideline when inputting volunteers to their workforce. To ensure your volunteers are included in to the LTA Volunteer Wimbledon Ballot you must assign them one (or more) of the following roles and give them the type of work 'volunteer':

Administrator, Chair, Welfare Officer, Main Contact, Committee Member, Competition Organiser, Junior Contact, Match Secretary, Treasurer, Seniors Contact, Volunteer, Membership Secretary, Volunteer Coordinator.

The Wimbledon Ballot Opt In period has now closed. As a result of this we are now no longer able to Opt In anyone else into the ballot.

The ballot will be run in due course and all winners will be contacted shortly after this.

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