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What happens if a child is injured during a session?
2 minutes

While not mandatory, it is strongly recommended that there is a trained first aider present on-site during FPT sessions. This person should be capable of responding promptly in case of an incident. It can be either the person delivering the FPT session or another responsible individual at the venue. A basic First Aid kit will be available on-site and emergency contact numbers will be collected during player registration. If an injury occurs during a session, parents will be notified. 

The Operator is responsible for ensuring that the first aid kit provided in the Barclays Free Park Tennis equipment bag is always available on-site and properly stocked with supplies. 

This ensures prompt and effective response to any potential incidents. 

Accident report forms are available on the Activator portal. If you don’t have one with you on site, write as many details down as you can and then fill out as soon as possible on the report form and send to the Court Operator.  

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