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Will I get Ranking points for International matches?
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International points are included in a Player's Ranking to ensure that Players competing in International tournaments are rewarded for doing so, and to ensure that the Ranking list is an accurate representation.

Tennis Europe 14U, Tennis Europe 16U and Junior ITF Rankings points will be added on an event by event basis, to British tennis rankings to reward GBR players. A multiplier is applied to International Ranking points to reflect their stature in the LTA Ranking system. 

Tennis Europe and ITF Junior tournaments are graded according to standard in a similar way to GB domestic competitions: the higher the grade the more challenging the level. The below multipliers will be applied to the Ranking points available in the various levels of International competitions.

  • Tennis Europe 14U – 15
  • Tennis Europe 16U – 7
  • ITF Juniors 18U – 40

For example if a player received 10 points from a Tennis Europe 14U event, this will be multiplied by 15 and will amount to 150 LTA Ranking points.

If you have any incorrect or missing Ranking points, please fill in the following form: Missing / Incorrect Ranking Points Request

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