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What is the County Cup race?
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The County Cup Race recognises a County’s performance in all County Cup events. Points will be allocated after each event, starting with the 18U event in March and will conclude with the Winter County Cup in November. The County with the most points across all events will be recognised as the overall County Cup Race Champion for that year. In addition, recognition will also be made to the county making the biggest year on year improvement on their previous year's final position.

  • Points are awarded per County Cup Event (male and female events). 
  • For the Summer, Winter, Over 35s and 18U County Cup Events counties will receive ‘initial’ base points according to the group they are in and then additional (‘group’) points according to their final group position. 
  • The points for the 14U, 12U, 11U and 10U County Cup Events are cumulative based on their success at the group stage and the finals stage (if applicable). 
  • 9U teams are allocated group points only. 

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