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I am new to Competitions. What tournaments should I enter?
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If you’re new to tennis competitions, returning after a long stretch away from the game, or just fancy playing matches at your local park – then Local Tennis Leagues could be the best option for you.

Other tournaments are graded from 1 to 7. If you're just starting out competing, tournament Grades 5 to 7 are best for you!

  • Grade 7 are usually social competitions at your local venue
  • Grade 6 are one-day events for those new to competing
  • Grade 5 are for club, local, or county players looking to compete in your first rankings tournaments to build up your rankings for Grade 4 to 1 tournaments

To enter a competition you will need an LTA Advantage account. Please register on the following link: LTA Advantage Sign-up.

You can search for tournaments, whether it be your first or your 100th, on the link below: LTA Competitions.

Please see the following link for more information about how to start competing: LTA How to start competing.

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