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Tennis Coach
Graves Health & Leisure Centre

Graves Health & Leisure Centre, Yorkshire
Min. Qualification:
Level 2
Min. Accreditation:
LTA Accredited
Job Type:
Part Time (20 hours or less a week)
L2 £13.75 PH or L3 £15.28 PH (Hourly)
Places Leisure
Job posted on:
10 May, 2022
Closing date:
11 June, 2022

Key Objectives

1. PRODUCT: To ensure coached sessions are operated in accordance with the PfP QMS for Sports and any NGB guidelines
2. QUALITY: To ensure that high levels of customer service are adopted at all times
3. WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT: To keep up to date with latest developments within PfP and
relevant sport industry.

KO1 - Product
1. Motivate and instruct pupils during their lesson.
2. Provide a professional and high quality service to pupils at all times.
3. Ensure that all lessons are delivered using any NGB guidelines and award schemes/syllabus.
4. Assess the group requirements weekly and teach accordingly to ensure continuous improvement.
5. Feedback to the Sports Manager any potential ideas and development opportunities.

KO2 - Quality
1. Maintain high standards of personal presentation.
2. Ensure that correct uniform is worn at all times.
3. Where relevant, collect tablet and synchronise, before going onto poolside.
4. Ensure the sessions begin and finish promptly.
5. Ensure that the pupils under your control are supervised in line with the site through care policy.
Duty of Care is to be maintained at all times.
6. Ensure that for each class the register is completed on the tablet.
7. Ensure the criteria covered in the lesson is updated for each pupil on the tablet.
8. Ensure teaching equipment is on poolside before the class starts, is in good condition and safe to use.
9. At the end of your lessons clear away all the equipment to ensure the pool area is ready for the next session.
10. Synchronise the tablet and return to one of the management team or in the event of unavailable
management please return the tablet to the correct place and inform another member of staff who is on shift. Place the Tablet on charge if needed.
11. Ensure the Sports Manager is informed if you have a pupil attend that isn’t on the tablet or a pupil
who hasn’t attended for over a month.
12. Give at least 2 weeks notice when booking annual leave. If you would like Annual Leave within this time then you will need to have it agreed by your line manager and find your own cover for your
13. Assist the Duty Manager Team in the event of venue closure (for example; making phone calls to

KO3 – Workforce Development
1. Complete external Safeguarding Training once every 3 years through either; Sports Coach UK
2. Complete PfPL Internal training through MyLearningPlace.
3. Attend meetings as requested by the Sports Manager
4. Attend at least two job specific training workshop per year (internally or externally)

Health And Safety:
As a member of staff you are responsible for the safety and welfare of any staff under your direct control, and you must therefore have knowledge of the Company’s Health & Safety Policy and relevant instructions to your area of work. Any matter which you consider requires attention in this respect is your responsibility to report following the correct procedures, or to the Health and Safety Manager. Copies of the current Health & Safety Policy and
Safety Procedures are available in the Centre.

All members of staff have a responsibility to follow the Company’s Safeguarding policy and relevant training if they have a concern about a child or vulnerable adult. The Safeguarding Policy is available within the centre and training is given at induction & regular intervals.

This is not intended to be a full definition of duties and staff will be expected to assist in such other duties as may be allocated. This job description is subject to variation as the needs of the Centre and the Company may require.

We are Places Leisure, part of the Places for People Group; we are placemakers; our work impacts on the lives of people across the U.K. – providing homes to live in, communities to retire to, spaces to stay active, supported homes for independent living, and student accommodation. Our places work when they work for everyone.  

How do we do all this? By surrounding ourselves with active people, customer focused people and supportive people. Our people live and breathe our SPIRIT values; we are the place for spirited people.

So, we want you to join us and the 12,000 other colleagues on our journey; colleagues who have helped us create places, maintain 209,000 homes, manage £4.5 billion of assets, deliver £87.9m in social value and teach 80,000 children to swim each week.

Please visit: https://careers.placesforpeople.co.uk/jobs/vacancy/tennis-coach-graves-health-and-sports-centre-s8/11323/description

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