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962 Courts in 20 miles of Lawn Tennis Association
Benefits of LTA registered venues
LTA Registered Venues are required to meet the LTA's Safeguarding Standards to provide a safe and friendly tennis environment. We would encourage people to select an LTA Registered Venue to play at.

Bank of England LTC

Address: Bank of England LTC, Priory Lane, Roehampton, LONDON, SW15 5JQ

Distance:0.2 miles away

Courts: Outdoor x14, Floodlit x8

National Tennis Centre

LTA Registered

Address: National Tennis Centre, National Tennis Centre, 100 Priory Lane Roehampton, London, SW15 5JQ

Distance:0.23 miles away

Courts: Indoor x8, Outdoor x4, Floodlit x11

LTA General

Address: LTA General, Priory Lane, London, SW15 5JQ

Distance:0.3 miles away


Local Tennis Leagues

LTA Registered

Address: Local Tennis Leagues, Local Tennis Leagues National Tennis Centre, London, SW15 5JQ

Distance:0.3 miles away

Courts: Outdoor x1

Wimbledon Qualifying and Community Sports Centre

LTA Registered

Address: Wimbledon Qualifying and Community Sports Centre, Bank Lane (off Priory Lane) Roehampton, London, SW15 5JQ

Distance:0.3 miles away

Courts: Outdoor x14, Floodlit x6

Rosslyn Park

Address: Rosslyn Park, Priory Lane, London, SW15 5JH

Distance:0.33 miles away


International Tennis Federation

Address: International Tennis Federation, The International Tennis Federation, Bank Lane ,, LONDON, SW15 5XZ

Distance:0.4 miles away


Palewell Common

LTA Registered

Address: Palewell Common, Palewell Common Drive, LONDON, SW14 8RF

Distance:0.44 miles away

Courts: Outdoor x4

Roehampton Club

LTA Registered

Address: Roehampton Club, Roehampton Lane ,, London, SW15 5LR

Distance:0.51 miles away

Courts: Indoor x6, Outdoor x12, Floodlit x9

Zoom Classroom

Address: Zoom Classroom, Virtual Session, , Online

Distance:0.56 miles away


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