Performance Coaching Principles

A framework of principles to support coaches develop world class players along the Player Pathway.

Six core principles have been developed with leading experts in performance tennis, to drive and improve performance coaching to our most promising players on the player pathway. These principles will provide a structure for coaches to learn and develop and be the foundation of their day to day work, on and off the court.  

Watch the video below to find out more about the Performance Coaching Principles and how the principles were developed.

Each of the six principles are broken down with a set of fundamentals shown below, along with a video to showcase each one, developed by top performance coaches and players. The framework of principles act as a support tool to relevant, up-to-date, world-leading content, specifically for performance coaches to access within our Performance Coaches Institute* (PCI).  The PCI aims to provide a bespoke, high performance hub for our most committed performance coaches in the UK, offering a range of content.

*Access to the Performance Coaches Institute will be made available for all performance coaches working on the player pathway, as well as all L4 and L5 accredited+ coaches.

1. Person 1. Person addremove


  • Prioritise well-being
  • Communicate positively & build self-esteem
  • Invest time with parents/families
  • Understand the person’s background and interests
  • Create a safe environment

2. Skills 2. Skills addremove


  • Know your player & individualise your coaching
  • Consistently challenge, assess and feedback
  • Communicate the why and support with facts where possible
  • Teach muscle relaxation
  • Technically develop efficient and effective strokes
  • Tactically develop smart players

3. Head 3. Head addremove


  • Instil belief in your players
  • Adopt pressure training appropriately
  • Encourage problem solving
  • Teach coping strategies 

4. Heart 4. Heart addremove


  • Intrinsically motivate & inspire the players 
  • Develop unconditional competitors
  • Create challenges for your players
  • Embed a culture of hard work & love for the game

5. Athlete 5. Athlete addremove


  • Ensure physical health and well-being
  • Never waste a physical warm-up
  • Develop great movers
  • Be interdisciplinary 
  • Replicate the demands of the game 


6. Journey 6. Journey addremove


  • Have a vision for the future development of your players
  • Use Individual Development Plans (IDPs) with your players
  • Plan comprehensively to improve players in every session
  • Ensure your own self-development as a coach
  • Take responsibility of  competition schedules