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World Tennis Number

We know how important it is for all Officials, Coaches, Venues and Event Organisers to be aware of the latest developments in tennis competitions.

We need your help to introduce players across the country to the ITF World Tennis Number.

The Number makes it easier than ever for you to organise and run competitions at your venue and most importantly, helps players compete at the right level.

All players need to do to get an ITF World Tennis Number is sign up to LTA Advantage for free – it’s that simple.

Once they’re all set up, there are a host of different ways you can help players compete regularly and improve their game.

Whether you’re organising a box league or hosting a club night, all results count towards a building a player’s number – just remember to record them using our Results Manager or Box League Manager.

To help you spread the word to players and members, we’ve created a host of guides with everything you need to know on the ITF World Tennis Number, as well as resources to share online, across social media, via email or even in your club house.

What’s available?

To access the resources below you will need a MyTennisToolkit account.

What to do next:

  1. Take some time and watch our ITF World Tennis Number 15 minute briefing video for an explanation on how the Number works.
  2. Download our range of ITF World Tennis Number resources so you have all the information you need.