Ratings Appeals

This Rating Appeal form is for the 2020 Summer End of Season Ratings Run and you may submit an appeal in the period 14th – 20th September 2020.


Before you complete this form please note:

  • This appeal form is exclusively for players rated 8.2 and above who are involved in the quarterly ratings run system. It is not for mini tennis players or those rated 10.2, 10.1, 9.2 or 9.1 whose ratings are calculated in the overnight rolling system. If you wish to query your rating in the rolling system you should email info@lta.org.uk.
  • You cannot appeal to have your rating changed on the grounds of illness or injury or similar extenuating circumstances.
  • The ratings now showing are players’ new 2020 Summer End of Season ratings. Your calculation, in relation to this latest run, must be based on opponents' previous ratings; in other words what they were prior to the run taking place and not necessarily as they are showing post run.
  • If you played in an individual event with an end dated after 31st August results will count for the 2020 Winter End of Season ratings run. Please note that due to the suspension of tennis activity the 2020 Mid-Season Ratings Run has been cancelled.
  • Due to the suspension of tennis activity from Monday 16th March 2020, the Competitions Team have relaxed the standard ratings increase criteria for all junior players:
    • Players that achieved 5 qualifying wins and a 60% win/loss percentage will be successful
    • One qualifying loss will be removed from all players as part of the calculation therefore meaning players who narrowly missed out by having one to many qualifying losses will be successful.
    • This ratings run took into account matches played in events starting on, or after, 1st April 2020 and ending on, or before, 31st August 2020.
      These amendments only apply to the standard ratings increase criteria, the manual ratings adjustment criteria remains unaltered. The ratings decrease rule has also not been applied for the 2020 Summer ratings run.
  • Unfortunately it is not possible to respond to appeals over the phone; please wait for an email reply which you will receive by the Monday 28th September 2020. Appeals are dealt with on a first come first served basis.
  • If you are appealing for a manual rating adjustment (to double increase) pleasemake sure you understand thecriteria first and measure your results against these; the criteria for a manual adjustment  are different from those which apply to a routine rating move (see point 6.)
  • You can only appeal your rating in relation to the ratings run which has just taken place, not previous runs.


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