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Raducanu letting it all sink in

Top photos from the US Open


An historic moment like Emma Raducanu's US Open title win is the stuff of dreams for sports photographers.

We caught up with Al Bello, Sarah Stier and Elsa Garrison, photographers for Getty Images, who were at the Arthur Ashe Stadium for the final and captured all the best moments of the Brits in NewYork.

Al Bello

1. Letting it all sink in


I like this one because it is a different trophy picture that is usually taken. It is more of a scene setter and it helps that Emma is looking back at the streamers with a smile on her face while holding the trophy.

2. Poetry in motion


I shot this image from a position behind the service line. It is located underground behind a cutout on the wall out of view of the public.

I noticed the light was right for this angle. The background was dark and the sun was in a good position to highlight Emma. I just needed a good stretch and I needed to time the picture right to get the ball on the racket.

I also shot at a very shallow depth of field to blur out the background and focus just Emma. It is a shot that you have to be patient as it may take most of or all of the match to get her in the right position. Luckily she did stretch and I was able to time the photo right.

3. The leaping volley


I like this image because of the way Joe is making his stretch to get to the ball and his shadow is doing the same. He looks graceful and you can see how athletic he really is .

Sarah Stier

1. At full stretch


I took this photo of Dan Evans from a dugout-style photo position that allows you behind the baseline on one side of the court.

I love shooting from here because of the point of view... especially if it's a close match, or if one of the players is very dynamic, you'll certainly be able to get a unique shot here.

Although Daniil Medvedev had Evans running this way and that across the court, it gave me this opportunity to capture Evans stretched out for a shot, face and body angled toward me.

2. Realising a dream


With each opponent she knocked out of the tournament, Raducanu maintained a stoic demeanor that I found difficult to photograph. She didn't react much at all!

But finally, after her semi-final match against Maria Sakkari, she was all smiles, her eyes shut and squeezed together in a way the conveys the sheer disbelief combined with happiness that she must have been feeling. I was glad to have trained my camera on that moment.

Elsa Garrison

1. Doubles delight


The key for me with doubles tennis images is to find a moment when both players are in the frame. In the middle of a rally, Alfie Hewett returned a shot as teammate Gordon Reid was moving to his next position. This duo dominated the U.S. Open.

2. Hear Evo's roar


When Dan Evans and Alexei Popyrin went into a fifth set, I knew that whoever won would react more than the normal fist pump. Court 17 was packed with fans - I had a plan to shoot the initial moment tight before I shot wide to show the packed court.

3. A moment of disbelief


This image is right after match point at the U.S. Open Women's Singles Final. History had been made after Raducanu became the first qualifier not only to reach the final, but to win the championship.

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