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Tennis Made Easy


The LTA has released the first of a new video series - ‘Tennis Made Easy’ - offering simple tips and tricks to help make tennis easier to play.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a regular at your local courts, the short film series makes it easy to access and pick up new tennis skills with the help of LTA coaching experts.

Watch the full episodes here:

How to Hit

‘Starting Simple’ is all about getting to grips with the basics, such as how to hold the racket, which balls are best for beginners and playing your shots.

The simple and easy steps outlined by leading LTA coach Paul Singleton, will help you get started on court and hitting with friends and family in no time.

Never Hit the Net

This one is all about consistency and how to keep a rally going with a partner. Building on the skills learnt in the first video, coach Ashley Neaves breaks down the best ways to master those groundstrokes and keep the ball under control.

Hit Deep

Now you've got the hand of the basics, it's time to work on hitting the ball deep. In this episode we focus on how to keep your opponent pinned back and help you win matches. LTA coach, Ashley Neaves, covers all the tips and tricks to hit deep and keep control.

Serve Your Way

Want to master your serve? We've got you covered. In this episode LTA coach, Ashley Neaves, takes you through everything you need to know to start acing your opponents in no time.

Tennis Made Easy

Watch all the episodes across our social media platforms on TwitterFacebookInstagram and YouTube, as well as all cinch UK channels.


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