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Great British Tennis Weekend 2015

Spotlight on Volunteers: Matt Trevail


This month's spotlight feature focuses on how Matt Trevail, a club membership secretary used ClubSpark and Great British Tennis Weekend (GBTW) open days to attract new members to a small club in Guildford, Surrey.

Matt talks to us about increasing membership:

How we used ClubSpark and the Great British Tennis Weekend to increase membership

“I’m the head of tennis at both a large and small club, and I have volunteered as the membership secretary at Shalford Tennis Club since 2009. It’s the club I started at when I was five and I set up the coaching scheme here when I was at university. I became membership secretary because I’m here every day and know most of the members, so it’s easy for me to do the role.

“It used to be such a long process for the members from giving a cheque to me, then going onto the treasurer and getting it banked; it would take up to a month for the membership to start. Now that we are using ClubSpark for membership, it takes just a day. It took quite a while to set up ClubSpark as it’s so much more detailed than other booking systems, but members can now book courts online and I don’t have any forms to deal with any more. It’s a million times better than our old system and has really made a difference.

“This year I’ve managed to bring in an extra 75 members – 25 through discount offers at our Great British Tennis Weekend event – and £2,500 of fees, which is a big deal for a club with three courts.”

Matt’s five top tips to increasing membership

  1. Use ClubSpark and save on administration time
  2. Ensure the coach is on the committee
  3. Work closely with the committee
  4. Represent all members’ interests
  5. Offer discounts at open days.
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