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Prime Video and the LTA launch a new girls-only programme to inspire the next generation of female British tennis players


Prime Video and the LTA today launched a multi-year programme to inspire thousands of girls to pick up a racket and play tennis. The “Prime Video LTA Youth Girls” programme will train coaches across Great Britain to deliver lessons and guidance specifically designed for girls.

The programme will focus on creating an environment that motivates girls and young women to play and stay in tennis. LTA research identified that girls want to play with friends in a fun and pressure-free setting, with relatable coaches who can build confidence and drive enjoyment. The initiative fulfils Prime Video’s promise to reinvest the funds from sharing the broadcast of the 2021 US Open Final with Channel 4, into British women’s tennis.

The programme runs for two years through to 2024 and will be open to LTA accredited tennis coaches across Great Britain, with a drive to achieve a high number of female coaches to help inspire these new girls to pick up a racket. Tennis coaches will be able to apply in the autumn, with successful applicants receiving bespoke training and support from the LTA to help them launch their local sessions within the programme.

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I’m extremely pleased to see the funds generated from the US Open Final go towards this new programme, which is a step in the right direction to bring more young girls into the sport.

Prime Video’s seven-figure investment will fund this training for coaches, as well as rewards and training kits, support for hosting school roadshows, promotional events and more. Also included in Prime Video’s investment is rackets, balls and t-shirts for all girls who sign-up to the programme, to ensure that equipment is not a barrier to participation for families across the UK.

Prime Video LTA Youth Girls is an important part of the LTA’s support for women and girls within tennis, which has focused on driving participation, growing the female workforce and greater visibility for women. Earlier this year the LTA launched its ‘She Rallies’ ambition to encourage more female involvement within the sport at all levels. Activity will continue throughout the year, including in November, with Glasgow hosting the finals of the Billie Jean King Cup, the women’s world cup of tennis.


Emma Raducanu, whose historic victory at the US Open last year was the catalyst for the programme, commented: “I’m extremely pleased to see the funds generated from the US Open Final go towards this new programme, which is a step in the right direction to bring more young girls into the sport and will continue to support a bright future for women’s tennis in this country. As an ambassador of LTA Youth, it’s great to see a complimentary program take shape and hopefully bring some more success.”

Alex Green, MD Prime Video Sport Europe said, “It was important for us that Emma’s story and her historic win would have a lasting legacy in the sport. The LTA have been super partners in helping us to understand the hurdles facing the next generation of female British tennis players and using our seven-figure investment to develop Prime Video LTA Youth Girls. The programme will bring thousands of new female players into the sport, hopefully to follow in the footsteps of Emma and reach the pinnacle of the game.”

Julie Porter, LTA Chief Operating Officer said: “The LTA is very pleased to be partnering with Prime Video on this important programme. We know from our research that there are specific interventions that can make tennis more appealing for girls. This programme will seek to remove barriers and provide a specially trained workforce of coaches who will work with young girls to give them the best possible opportunity. We hope that this will have a real impact on the next generation of female players.” 

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