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LTA continues to set standard for safeguarding with highest rating from CPSU for third year in a row


For the third year running, the LTA has been awarded the highest possible rating for its safeguarding by the NSPCC’s Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU).

Following the implementation of a new three-year safeguarding strategy in 2018, the LTA has led the way for safeguarding in sport, with tennis one of only a handful of sports to receive the highest rating of ‘Very Good’ across all five areas of the CPSU’s National Governing Body Safeguarding Framework for 2020. This means that the LTA received the highest possible rating across each of:

  • Policies, procedures and guidance
  • Organisational ownership of safeguarding
  • Case Management
  • Safeguarding training and learning
  • Communicating safeguarding messages and information

The CPSU Framework for maintaining and embedding safeguarding for children in and through sport helps organisations to maintain the highest possible standards of safeguarding and to embed safeguarding practice throughout their organisation. The framework also forms part of Sport England funded national governing bodies’ award conditions.

What they said

Commenting on the LTA’s safeguarding work in making its assessment, the CPSU said: “Developing the highest safeguarding standards across tennis remains a strategic priority for the LTA, with internal governance arrangements and key business measures in place.

“The LTA continues to have a clear strategic vision to deliver the best systems and processes to safeguard the wellbeing of young people and adults at risk in Tennis. The LTA has delivered on all areas of last year’s plan and again has set out a realistic, focused and determined approach to delivering its targets for the coming year.”

“The LTA’s Head of Safeguarding is an outstanding Safeguarding Lead for the organisation, and leads a capable and agile team. This role is supported by an experienced National Safeguarding Manager who in the past year has collaborated with CPSU on webinars, workshops and in the development of resources. The safeguarding team, along with the robust systems that are now in place ensures that safeguarding plans are embedded throughout the organisation.”

Our goal is to continue to set the standards for safeguarding in sport, building on the work we have already done to ensure that every young person and adult in tennis can enjoy taking part safely.

Scott Lloyd LTA CEO said: “Nothing is more important to us than the safety and wellbeing of those that take part in our sport. We are therefore absolutely delighted that our commitment to and investment in safeguarding has been recognised by the CPSU for the third year running, with the award of the highest possible grading across all areas of the inspection.

“We’d like to thank the tennis venues and coaches across the country who have all played a part in us achieving this status once more. In order to maintain this rating we are now moving forward with the development of a new three-year strategy to launch in 2021. Our goal in doing so is to continue to set the standards for safeguarding in sport, building on the work we have already done to ensure that every young person and adult in tennis can enjoy taking part safely”.


The LTA’s safeguarding work is led by safeguarding experts, headed by former Met Police Detective Chief Inspector, David Humphrey as the organisation’s Head of Safeguarding. The strategy uses best-in-class procedures, systems and processes to safeguard the well-being of all young people and adults at risk in British tennis and is broken down into four key areas; Places to play, People, Awareness and Case Management.

Mandatory safeguarding standards have been introduced for all LTA Registered Venues and County Associations across Britain, with the LTA having implemented one of the largest detailed auditing process of venues in any sport. Venues all have trained welfare officers in place, and will from 2021 be required to use LTA Accredited coaches who have had an LTA DBS check, safeguarding training and who are insured for the activity they are undertaking.

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