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Two separate images of Katie Boulter and Dom Inglot celebrating winning a point

Katie Boulter and Dom Inglot’s home tennis fitness tips


As tennis across England goes on pause for the next few weeks, and while play is still limited in areas of Scotland and Wales, many find themselves trying to get their tennis fix at home.

It’s never been easier to improve your game at home, though, and we recently caught up with former World No.82 Katie Boulter and 2015 Davis Cup winner and men’s doubles star, Dom Inglot, to get their top tips for staying fit for tennis at home.

Volley, volley, volley 

One of the easiest tennis shots that you can keep practicing at home is of course your volleys. Back in April, Andy Murray had the nation teaming up to complete the 100 Volley Challenge with a partner, but Inglot and Boulter both have an easier way to work on those hand skills, even if you’re by yourself.

“One of the things you can do is volleying against the wall, that’s a really good option,” said Inglot.

“Everyone has a wall and a tennis ball they can use. You can just do it single (on either the forehand or backhand) or you can mix it up on both sides.”

“You can do some skills on your racket at home; you don’t even need to go anywhere,” adds Boulter.

“If you have a wall, then why not practice your volleys against it.”

Get out and stay active

One of the most important things you can do for both your physical and mental health is to make sure you’re getting outside to do regular exercise. A bit of fresh air can do absolute wonders and staying active outdoors will help you when you get back out on court. Boulter suggests that even light exercise can make a big difference.

“My number one tip would be to go for a run, or even just a walk. This just keeps the body going, your blood flowing and it’s just fun to do.”

Serving up a storm

You’d think that serving would be one of the hardest shots to practice at home, if not impossible. However, doubles ace Inglot has a creative tip for how you can work on those booming serves, even with limited space in the garden.
“Something I did that might require a bit more work is putting a mat onto a chair in the back garden,” explains Inglot.

“Then you can practice your serve into the mat, which makes sure that you’re keeping your shoulders and wrists going. Those are the areas that might go weak very quickly and can cause injuries later on if you don’t keep them going.”

Legs for days 

Your leg muscles are arguably one of the most important areas you need to train as a tennis player. While staying at home it can be difficult to go through the same level of work that you would on court, but simple at-home leg exercises can be all you need to maintain that explosive power – according to Inglot.

“My last tip is just doing exercises, whether it might be doing some lunges, squats, step ups on your chairs or anything like that. These will help keep the muscles in your legs really strong and ready to roll when you come back into tennis.”

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