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Tennis racket with a bag of balls

Essential tennis equipment guide for venues


If you run a park, club or any type of tennis venue - our partners at Tennis-Point have pulled together this essential guide to all the equipment you need.

Choosing equipment for your coaching team

Support the tennis coaches at your venue with a variety of different equipment aids - you'll find everything you need from LTA partner Dunlop and other leading brands at Tennis-Point.

The selection includes various teaching tools to make your lessons even more versatile and creative. Equip yourself with all the basic tennis coaching aids as well as with tools for more advanced exercises.

Most important of all are tennis balls. These are the basis for every session and coaches and venues need a lot of different types of tennis ball to suit a variety of players.

Above all, pressureless tennis balls are ideal for training as they are perfectly suited to beginners and also last longer than regular balls. For beginners, improvers and kids, we have a large range of Play & Stay tennis balls - Green, Orange and Red balls (also known as stages 1, 2 and 3) - so they can slowly get used to playing with Yellow tennis balls.

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At Tenns-Point, you'll find everything you need to collect and carry tennis balls, including ball pickup tubes as well as ball carts, baskets and buckets.

Furthermore, we have various other tennis coaching aids, such as marking cones and linesmini tennis nets and many more to help getting the kids familiarised with our sport as well as for exercises on the small court.

If coaches want to diversify the coordination and fitness part of their training sessions, we also offer plenty of agility ladders, leg workout sets, balance boards and many other interesting training tools to show your pupils that even this part of training can be a lot of fun, too!

Court equipment for any surface

Different court types and surfaces can require a variety of equipment and accessories to give your players the best experience possible when they come for their next hit.

From tennis nets and accessories, tennis lines, to tennis court maintenance tools and windbreaks; Tennis-Point provide you with whatever you need to keep your tennis court in a good condition.

Furthermore, you can find lots of other useful or necessary items for your courts, such as tennis scoreboards, windscreens, clay court sweepers and other court accessories.

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