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Deloitte creates ‘Hackathon’ experience to show how AI can make padel more inclusive


This June, we’re showcasing the work of our digital transformation partner, Deloitte, who has taken over the Stratford Padel Club in London to create an entirely unique padel experience, using the power of AI.

The Hackathon – which has been open to 16-25 year-olds from local organisations, colleges, universities, etc – brings together technology and sport to show how AI can be used to break down barriers and help more people try padel.

Generative AI is changing the way we work and interact in daily life and sport is no different. The use of technology in padel – and wider sports – opens a whole new range of possibilities for making it more inclusive for people from all backgrounds.

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That’s why the Deloitte team have been working on a range of innovative AI tools and experiences that align with our vision to open tennis and padel up to everyone in Great Britain.

As part of the experience, players will get to take advantage of three unique pieces of AI technology to make getting on court even more fun and exciting – including an AI Instructor, LED targets and creating a player persona.

Opening up tennis - using Generative AI

Here’s just some of the technology Deloitte has brought to the Stratford experience. This is padel, as you’ve never seen it before.

Meet the AI FusionInstructor

In a world’s first, Deloitte have created an AI padel instructor, both on and off the court, called AI FusionInstructor.

There are two AI instructors at the Stratford Padel Club during the Hackathon – one that is built into the court and the other just outside. All the players have to do is wave their hand in front of the sensor, ask it a question about padel and the answer will pop up on the screen.

Whether you want to know more about the rules of the game, or tips on how to hit the best bandjero the AI FusionInstructor has it covered.

Hit the target

Built into the court are also LED targets – designed to help players improve their game and practice.

Coded using AI, the honeycomb shaped targets create patterns of lights that form targets for practice and dynamic shot selection. They can be pre-programmed if you want to practice a certain type of shot, or they can learn along with how you play to then help with coaching in the future.

Become a padel star

Ever thought about what you’d look like as a world padel star or competing in different places around the world?

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