The Broady Bunch

Naomi Broady and Liam Broady competing at The Championships, Wimbledon 2017

Naomi and Liam Broady aren’t just professional tennis players – they’re also brother and sister, who sometimes play together in mixed doubles, like they did at Wimbledon. We caught up with them to get the lowdown on the sister-brother dynamic…

On playing doubles together…

LB: The first time we played together professionally was last year. When we were kids we would practice together, but that was just normal singles practice. I can’t remember us ever playing mixed doubles together.

NB: I think that’s because, in general, kids don’t practice doubles that much. It’s more about singles and when you have tournaments, you can be playing three singles matches in a day, so there isn’t a lot of time for it. It’s only when you get older that you play more doubles and the mixed is only at Grand Slams. So last year was our first opportunity together and we wanted to do it again at Wimbledon.

On the rise of British siblings competing together…

NB: It’s great to see. There are a few British pairs at various events now. Obviously Jamie and Andy [Murray] have played together and the Skupskis [Neal and Ken] played in the doubles at Wimbledon this year. It is really nice and the crowd enjoys seeing it.

LB: It makes it easier for the crowd to support us as well – they’ve only got to shout one name out! “Come on Broady!”

On supporting Manchester City…

NB: We’re both massive City fans! We’re from Manchester, so of course we’re not going to support United!

LB: Our dad was a United fan, though and his dad was, too. But growing up , all my friends were City fans and all their parents were.

NB: We were always going to City games as kids. So many people had season tickets, so we would go along. We’re quite fortunate actually, as the club heard we were City supporters. Liam tweets about it a lot, so they invite us down to the Chairman’s Lounge to match matches whenever we can. We’re very spoilt.

LB: Shaun Goater was my hero growing up. I loved him as a kid.

NB: It was Shaun Wright-Phillips for me.

LB: Randomly, though, we might be staunch City fans, but one our brothers is Arsenal!

NB: Actually, I was the first one who turned to City when we were kids and I remember making you sign a contract to support them!

LB: Haha! I remember that. I dread to think what else you made me sign when we were growing up!

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