29 June - 12 July 2020

The Championships, Wimbledon

All England Lawn Tennis Club, UK

Education Wimbledon Ballot Rules

The following rules must be adhered to by any organisation or individual receiving tickets through any ballot or offer administered by the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) including, but not limited to,   schools, higher education institutions or education and accessibility organisations.

Any organisation or individual found to be in breach of these rules may have the option to enter the ballot or access to tickets removed in future years.

Tickets remain the property of the AELTC at all times and the LTA retain overall responsibility for all tickets.

Any decision made by the LTA regarding tickets and the ballot rules is final.

LTA Schools Ballot Eligibility Requirements only

A school is eligible for the Schools Ballot if it meets the following criteria by midday on 23 January 2020.

• The school is a fully paid member of the Schools Tennis Membership; and

• The school has Opted In to the Schools Ballot by 23 January 2020.

Schools who become members after the 23 January 2020 will not be eligible for the LTA Schools Ballot for 2020.

Schools must ensure they are current members of the Schools Tennis Membership when they Opt In and on the date of Opt In deadline – Midday, 23 January 2020.

You can access the schools ballot pages online.

Rules – Applying to all Education Wimbledon Tickets

  1. Tickets are issued subject to The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club (AELTC)’s Conditions of Sale. The Conditions of Sale are agreed to at the time of purchase and are available in full at: https://www.wimbledon.com/en_GB/tickets/conditions_of_sale.html

Please note that any individual or organisation who advertises, transfers, offers for sale or sells tickets (not in accordance with the AELTC’s conditions of sale) may not be permitted to apply for or receive tickets from the AELTC or its authorised agents (including Ticketmaster) (for a period of up to 5 full Championships from the date of such breach).

2. Any ticket advertised or offered for sale whether by an applicant or any third party will be void.

3. Under no circumstances should tickets be given away or used by anyone outside of the individuals or organisation they were assigned to.

4.Tickets shall not be:

(a)   used for any promotion, advertising, fundraising, auction, raffle or any other similar commercial or non-commercial purposes;

(b)   used as a prize (or part of prize) in any contest, competition, promotional game of chance, lottery or sweepstake.

(c)    combined with and sold or transferred as part of any package of goods or services; or

(d)   combined with and sold or transferred as part of any travel, accommodation or hospitality package.

5. Refunds/Returned Tickets

In the event that an organisation has purchased tickets and are then unable to use any tickets issued to them, they must request a refund from the LTA. If through a Schools Wimbledon ticket offer, the tickets have been assigned as a pack of tickets, we will only be able to process a refund on all tickets purchased as part of the offer. The LTA cannot issue a refund on individual pairs. Whilst the LTA will  accept and refund the price (face value) of such tickets, ALL tickets must be returned to the LTA at least 24 hours before the date for which such tickets are valid, in order to receive the refund.