Schools Tennis Members' Ballot

The Schools Tennis Members’ Ballot gives schools and colleges the opportunity to attend Wimbledon each year.

This year, Schools Tennis Members will be able to Opt In to the ballot via their accounts from Monday 5th November 2018 until midday on Thursday 24th January 2019. Schools must have a paid membership with the Tennis Foundation on the Opt In deadline in order for their preferences to be entered in to the ballot.

If a school or college is successfully allocated tickets, the school/college will be contacted at the school email address which can be found and amended via the 'School Details' tab in the members' login area. 

If a school or college is successfully allocated tickets, they will be allocated a pack of 12 tickets for No.1 or No.2 Court at a 50% discount. A school/college may also receive a pair of Centre Court tickets for the same date as the show court tickets at full price, if the school/college Opted In to receive Centre Court tickets. Please note that schools/colleges must purchase or decline all tickets that they are offered (i.e. schools or colleges cannot purchase a select amount of tickets that they are offered). 

In order to purchase the tickets, schools/colleges must accept the Schools Tennis Members’ Ballot Rules & Terms and Conditions. 

If you have any queries regarding the Schools Tennis Members’ Ballot, please email or call the British Tennis Services Team on 0208 487 7000.

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