LTA Wimbledon Ballot Refund Request Form

The LTA Wimbledon Ballot Refund Request Form will be available again in March 2020.

If you require a refund for the LTA Wimbledon tickets you have purchased please fill in the form below. The form needs to be completed and submitted before midnight the day before you are due to attend. Any refund requests received on the day of play or after the day of play will not be processed.

We will process a refund for the full face value of the tickets. Unfortunately, the £2.50 transaction fee is non-refundable. The refund will be processed back to the card used to make payment.

If you purchased your tickets through the AELTC public ballot and have a 7 digit reference number ending in z, please do not use this form and contact the AELTC directly.

First Name
BTM Number
Event day
Purchased From
Have the tickets been received by you?
Email Address
Refund reason
If other, please specify your reason
Please tick this box to confirm that you want a refund for the tickets you have purchased