British Tennis Member Wimbledon Ballots

Opt In for The Championships, Wimbledon 2019 will be open from 10 September 2018 until 22 February 2019.

Please note, you can only enter one of the below British Tennis Member Ballots.  

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Venue Ballot

The Venue Ballot is for all Junior (11-17) and Adult (18+) Lite and Team British Tennis Members who are linked to a LTA Registered Venue. 

British Tennis Members will need to have met the below eligibility criteria by 22 February 2019 to be entered into the 2019 Venue Ballot.


To be eligibile for the British Tennis Members Venue Ballot, please follow the criteria below:

  • You are an Adult (18+) or Junior (11-17) active Lite or Team British Tennis Members
  • Your venue(s) are linked to your British Tennis Members record
  • You have Opted In to the Wimbledon Ballot


The 2019 Venue Ballot rules will be made available online shortly.

LTA Team Member Ballot

The Team Member Ballot is for all Junior (11-17) and Adult (18+) British Tennis Team Members who are not members of an LTA Registered venue.

Junior (11-17) and Adult (18+) British Tennis Team Members must meet the eligibility criteria before 22 February 2019 to be entered in to the 2019 Team Member Ballot.


  • You are an Adult (18+) or Junior (11-17) active British Tennis Team Member
  • You have Opted In to the Wimbledon Ballot


The 2019 Team Member Ballot rules will be available online shortly.

Accessible Seating Ballot

If you require ease of access seating or a wheelchair space, please read the information below:


There will be an accessible seating ballot run in 2019 for active Junior (11-17) and Aduly (18+) British Tennis Members who have Opted Inapplied  and  hold a valid membership by midnight on 22 February 2019. 

As this is a British Tennis Membership ballot, the applicant requesting accessible seats or a wheelchair space must be a British Tennis Member. You are unable to apply for this offer on behalf of a guest who is not a British Tennis Member.


From 10 September 2019, please apply in writing to with your name, membership number and whether your require an accessible seat or wheelchair space.

When applying for the accessible seating ballot, British Tennis Members are asked to stipulate why they are requesting to be considered in the accessible seating ballot and be prepared to provide evidence or documentation of their medical condition or disability if requested.

Once you have applied, you will be moved from either of the British Tennis Member ballots you ere origninally entered into and in to the Accessible Seating Ballot.

Successful Members

If you're successful in the British Tennis Membership accessible seating ballot you will be notified by email. Successful British Tennis Members will be notified from March 2019.

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