29 June - 12 July 2020

The Championships, Wimbledon

All England Lawn Tennis Club, UK

LTA Members Venue Ballot Rules

The following ballot rules must be adhered to by all Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) registered venues (Registered Venues) in order to ensure that ballots are run fairly and consistently for all British Tennis Members across all Registered Venues.

The LTA takes active steps to monitor a Registered Venue’s Wimbledon ticket ballot (‘LTA Members Venue Ballot’) and ticket allocations to ensure that tickets are being balloted and used in line with the LTA Rules and The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club (AELTC) Conditions of Sale.

Any venue found to be in breach of these rules may:

  • have the ability to run their LTA Members Venue Ballot removed in 2020 and/or in future years and will subsequently be required to use the LTA’s automatic system for their ballot; and/or
  • have their allocation of tickets reduced or, in the most serious cases, removed altogether.

These rules apply to all Registered Venues who receive an allocation of tickets from the LTA for our LTA Members in 2020. Tickets remain the property of the AELTC at all times and the LTA retains overall responsibility for all tickets.

Any decision made by the LTA regarding tickets and the ballot rules is final.

Ballot Procedure Ballot Procedure addremove

All tickets allocated to a Registered Venue must be distributed to LTA Members through a transparent and fairly run ballot. Venues are not permitted to use tickets as rewards, prizes or benefits for individuals or to charge an individual fee for entering into their ticket ballot. Guidance as to how to avoid running an illegal lottery can be found online.

Registered Venues must not hold a secondary ‘opt in / sign up’ process solely for the purpose of inclusion into their LTA Members Venue Ballot.

In the event that tickets are returned to the LTA before the 15 May 2020 LTA Members Venue Ballot deadline, then in most cases the venue will be given the option to re-ballot to another eligible LTA Member.

Any unassigned tickets after 15 May 2020 will be automatically balloted to the eligible and Opted In members from that Registered Venue that have not yet had a ticket offer.

Eligibility/Opt In Eligibility/Opt In addremove

An LTA Member is eligible for the LTA Members Venue Ballot of their venue(s) if they meet the following criteria by 14 February 2020.

  • They are an Adult (18+) or Junior (11-17) and hold an active Lite or Team LTA Membership;
  • The relevant venue(s) are linked to their LTA Membership; and
  • They are Opted In to the LTA Members Venue Ballot, with the LTA.

Only the registered LTA Member, or their parent/legal guardian is permitted to opt themselves in to the ballot.

Entrants Entrants addremove

Those who are able to access Lite and Team LTA Membership as a result of their membership of a venue as outlined in the British Tennis Membership T&Cs, must be included in the LTA Members Venue Ballot at their Registered Venue provided that they meet the eligibility criteria.

Anyone who holds Junior LTA Membership (11-17) and meets the eligibility criteria is eligible for the LTA Members Venue Ballot. Any successful Junior LTA Member under the age of 16 must attend The Championships with an adult and be supervised appropriately.

Child LTA Members (0-10) are not permitted to enter the LTA Members Venue Ballot and these LTA Members will not be considered in the calculation of a Registered Venue’s allocation of tickets.

Any members of a venue who are not LTA Members linked to that venue are not permitted to enter the LTA Members Venue Ballot.

Ticket Allocations Ticket Allocations addremove

A venue’s allocation of Wimbledon tickets for the LTA Members Venue Ballot will be calculated according to the number of LTA Members who satisfy the criteria set out in the above by 14 February 2020.

An LTA Member may only be assigned a maximum of one pair of tickets through each individual LTA Members Venue Ballot.

All tickets allocated to Registered Venues within the LTA Members Venue Ballot must be distributed in pairs. The venue must not enforce splitting of tickets between more than one successful LTA Member.

Any successful individual in the LTA Members Venue Ballot must use the tickets for themselves and a guest only.  The guest can be an individual of the successful member’s choosing and does not have to be an LTA Member, or a member of that venue. Please note this is consistent with the approach of AELTC regarding the allocation of tickets for The Championships.

Under no circumstances should tickets be given away or used outside of the venue’s LTA Members Venue Ballot - for example as a prize in any raffle, tombola or other prize draw or given to a venue’s staff, volunteers or coaches (excluding where such individuals are LTA Members and are successful in the LTA Members Venue ballot) or to any sponsors or commercial partners of a venue.

Venues must run the LTA Members Venue Ballot and allocate tickets via the online system, within the timeframes set out by the LTA.

Proxy Nominating Proxy Nominating addremove

If the LTA Members Venue Ballot is held during an event and an eligible LTA Member is unable to attend, then their name must still be included within the LTA Members Venue Ballot.

The LTA Member may nominate another LTA Member or a member of the Management Committee at the venue who will be present at the ballot to act as a proxy and accept any tickets on his or her behalf.

Individuals who appoint a proxy to accept the tickets on their behalf must have an equal chance of being successful in the ballot as any LTA Member in attendance. If no proxy has been nominated then it is the responsibility of the LTA Members Venue Ballot administrator to ensure a pair of tickets is assigned to the member if successful.

Ticket Transferring Ticket Transferring addremove

Once tickets have been purchased by an LTA Member they cannot be transferred. This includes selling or giving tickets to friends, family or another member of the venue. Tickets may only be used by the LTA Member and the person intending to accompany the member to and at the Championships. Anyone who advertises offers for sale, sells or who transfers tickets may not be permitted to apply for or receive tickets from the AELTC or its authorised agents (including Ticketmaster) for a period of up to 5 full Championships.

Any ticket advertised or offered for sale whether by the applicant or any third party will be void.

Refunds Refunds addremove

In the event that a member has purchased tickets and does not wish to or is no longer able to use any tickets issued to them they must notify and return the tickets as a pair, for a refund to the LTA.

Whilst the LTA will normally accept and refund the price (face value only) of such tickets (provided that the tickets are returned at least 24 hours before the date for which such tickets are valid), the LTA shall not be bound to do so.