11 - 19 June 2022

Viking Classic Birmingham

Edgbaston Priory Club, Birmingham

Local time

Viking Classic Birmingham | Food & Drink

Spectators can enjoy a range of catering on site throughout the Tournament as well as have the flexibility to bring in food and drink. 

Please see below for further information on the catering outlets available within the grounds, plus guidelines and restrictions on bringing in food and drink.

Bringing food & drink Bringing food & drink addremove

Spectators may bring food into the grounds, along with non-alcoholic or alcoholic drinks.

Alcohol brought into the Venue is limited to the equivalent of one bottle of wine or Champagne (750ml) or two cans of beer (500ml) or two cans of premixed aperitifs per person. Bottles of spirits or fortified wines are not allowed into the Venue.

The consumption of alcohol is permitted only in public bars and other authorised areas. Glass containers are not permitted in the stands. 

Drinking fountains Drinking fountains addremove

Free drinking water is available from fountains located around the grounds to ensure spectators are able to keep hydrated during their time at the Viking Classic Birmingham .

Please take special care during warm weather conditions and ask a Tournament Volunteer on site for more information.

Food & drink on site Food & drink on site addremove

During the Tournament, a carefully selected range of food and drink will be available from outlets around the grounds. 

Ask a volunteer on site for more information.