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LTA Accredited+ Coaches' Offers 2017

LTA Accredited+ coaches have two opportunities to get tickets to The Championships 2017; through a show court ballot and a ground pass offer.

Show court ballot

How does this ballot work?

The 2017 Coaches Show court ballot ran from March 13, 2017 until May 19, 2017.

All coaches Accredited+ by midnight on January 31, 2017 were automatically entered into this ballot.

If you have purchased tickets in the Coaches Show Court ballot, we will post these out to you nearer to the start of The Championships.

Ground pass offer

All coaches who were Accredited+ by midnight on January 31, 2017, were eligible to access a limited offer of 4 complimentary ground passes on one of the last 5 days of The Championships.

This offer is now closed.