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Governance & regulation


Governing documents of Lawn Tennis Association Limited ("LTA")

LTA Articles of Association

LTA Rules

LTA Code of Conduct

The LTA Code of Conduct applies to all Participants. A full list of all Participants may be found in section 2 of Part A (General Regulations) of the LTA Disciplinary Code (from 1 April 2022).

LTA Code of Conduct

LTA Disciplinary Code

LTA Disciplinary Code up to 31 March 2022

LTA Disciplinary Code from 1 April 2022

The LTA Disciplinary Code incorporates (amongst other things) the LTA disciplinary regulations, safeguarding regulations, anti-doping regulations and anti-corruption regulations, as well as the general conditions of LTA coach accreditation scheme and coach accreditation+ scheme and the general conditions of the LTA official licensing scheme.

If you wish to report alleged misconduct in terms of the LTA disciplinary regulations, please use the Alleged Misconduct Reporting Form:

Alleged misconduct reporting form

Current members of the Disciplinary Division of the Judicial Panel:

Members of the Disciplinary Division

Mission Statement

Our vision is ‘Tennis opened up’, and our mission is to grow tennis by making it relevant, accessible, welcoming and enjoyable.

Policies & Rules

The LTA have a number of policies and rules we adhere to, please read for further information.