Annual reports

The annual reports outline some of the key highlights and achievements against each area of the British Tennis Strategic Plan which aims to get more people playing tennis, more often.

The British Tennis Strategic Plan has three focus areas:

  1. Building partnerships in the community
  2. Delivering a great service to clubs
  3. Growing participation among children and young people

Our aim is to ensure clubs, parks and schools offer the right facilities, access and support so that anyone, of any ability, can play tennis in a place that suits them.

We recently launched the largest and most exciting capital investment programme the LTA has ever undertaken called Transforming British Tennis Together, to ensure that when people do go out to play tennis, the courts are more usable and accessible than ever before.

Alongside continued investment in the quality of our nation’s coaches and tennis activities that make playing fun for all ages, this major transformation of grassroots tennis will move the LTA closer to delivering its two long-term goals: to double the number of children playing tennis and double the number of times infrequent adults play tennis.

Key highlights of 2017

  • 14% year on year increase in players participating in tennis programmes in focus parks
  • 5% increase in tennis club memberships
  • Nearly 20,000 new British Tennis Members
  • 7% year on year increase in participating tennis players over the summer months
  • More tennis clubs participating in our Tennis for Kids and Benenden Tennis Festivals
  • A 25% year on year increase in the number of spectators across pre-Wimbledon grass court events

LTA annual reports

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