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Since his return to the court in 2019, Andy Murray’s career has been on a roller-coaster journey, experiencing all the highs and lows that being a professional tennis player has to offer. Having won the doubles title at Queen’s and then his comeback singles title in Antwerp, injury has since limited his playing time.

Murray recently sat down with Amazon Prime Video Sport to discuss his progress on and off the court since his title win in October. Murray was in a reflective mood, discussing his recovery from injury, his love for the game and answered the age old question – what advice would you give yourself if you could go back in time. 

Getting back to fitness

Murray began with an update on his physical and mental health, stating that: “It’s been hard, I’ve actually found these last few months in many ways harder than the previous couple of years, I felt like I was going through the same process again, which I had felt like I was out the other side of.”

The most important thing is that the prosthesis is absolutely fine, there is no loosening or fracture

“It’s hard with the metal hip, it makes diagnosing things tricky. The most important thing is that the prosthesis is absolutely fine, there is no loosening or fracture.” 

“It’s been difficult with the emotional ups and downs, being given the worst-case scenarios and thinking well this might be it, and going into scans thinking that if you get the wrong news, that it’s done.”

What's next?

When asked about what he thought might be next in his career and whether he had ever thought about retiring, Murray showed his typical strength of mind.

“Not through choice, there were certainly moments through the conversations I was having.”

I want to keep playing as much as I can

“Driving home from those (doctors) appointments and talking to your family, you are thinking this could be it. Yes, it is something that I have had to think about, but it is not through choice. I don’t want to stop playing and I feel pretty good right now. I want to keep playing as much as I can.”

Watch the full interview from Amazon Prime Video Sport below.

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