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LTA Sustainability Plan


The LTA, the national governing body for tennis in Britain, has published an environmental sustainability plan, setting out the role it will play in securing a lasting future for tennis in Britain through positive action on climate change and leadership in sustainability.

The LTA believes that to deliver its vision of ‘Tennis Opened Up’ it has an important role to play in contributing to a healthier and a more sustainable society, and to grow tennis in Britain in a responsible way, protecting and supporting the environment and tackling our climate impacts.

The climate crisis, resource scarcity and changes to the natural environment represent global challenges but will have an impact on tennis in Britain at all levels. Whether it be the impact of more extreme temperatures on grass court tennis at Britain’s major events, or rising sea levels and severe weather meaning a higher proportion of tennis venues at risk of regular flooding, it is critical that we play our part in tackling these issues.

The LTA will therefore take steps to reduce its own direct impacts from its operations and major events, but also support the wider tennis community to be more sustainable in its role as national governing body for tennis in Britain. Doing so will not only have a positive impact far beyond the LTA’s own operations, but also most effectively support tennis in Britain in the face of rising energy costs, and changes to the environment.

Cam Norrie, British men’s singles No.1 welcomed the publication of the plans, saying: “Changes to our climate and environment are the greatest challenge we face globally, and we have already begun to see the impact on tennis.

“I’m really pleased that the LTA are making a long-term commitment to both reduce its own impacts, and work with everyone involved in tennis in Britain to protect and support the environment.

“It’s really important that we all play our part, however big or small, to ensure that tennis is here to enjoy for generations to come.”

Following a wide ranging consultation across tennis in Britain, together with input from experts in environmental sustainability, the LTA has identified three priority themes which run through the plan, and have set an ambitious aim in each area:

  • Climate Action: Achieve net zero carbon emissions from LTA operations and major events by 2030 and support the wider tennis community in reducing carbon emissions.
  • Resource Efficiency: Utilise resources efficiently to reduce waste and energy usage from LTA business operations and major events, and support the tennis community to do the same.
  • Natural Environment: For tennis in Britain to have a net positive impact on biodiversity.

The plans cover activity in three phases through until the end of 2030, and will see the LTA deliver actions across four clearly defined impact areas, each with their own objective, set of targets and actions.

Scott Lloyd, LTA Chief Executive, said: “As a responsible organisation and event owner and operator it is critical that the LTA plays our part in addressing issues related to sustainability, protecting and supporting the environment and tackling and reducing our climate impacts.

“These are problems facing everyone, and whilst tennis has a relatively small environmental footprint, we do not accept this as an excuse for inaction, and believe that we all have an important part to play. 

“This will necessarily be a long-term plan but we know that changes to climate and our environment are the most significant concern for younger generations. “….It is critical that we listen to these concerns and all play our part to safeguard the sport for future generations, our future tennis fans, players, coaches and volunteers.”

Developing the plan builds on the commitment the LTA announced last year in becoming a signatory to the UN Sport for Climate Action framework.

Lindita Xhaferi-Salihu, Sectoral Engagement Lead, Sport for Climate Action at UN Climate Change, said: “The next ten years are critical to tackling climate change, and the sports sector has an important role to play, using its reach and influence to drive positive climate action.

“We are pleased that the LTA has signed up to the UN Sports for Climate Action movement and the collective Race to Zero. Everyone has a role to play, so we applaud their plans to reduce their own climate impacts, and also their ambition to support the venues, volunteers, coaches and players involved in tennis in Britain, to make a difference together.”

Simon Johnson, CEO at Tennis Wales, commented: "We’ll be embedding this important sustainability plan into our work here in Wales, ensuring we’re doing all we can to make tennis sustainable across the country, and to protect the incredible Welsh environment we’re playing within.”

The LTA has made it clear that everyone has a role to play if the sport is achieve its environmental sustainability ambitions, and there are practical actions that we can all take to have an impact, however big or small. Following the publication of the plan, the LTA will set out further support and guidance for those involved in tennis in Britain, including some practical ‘top tips’ for venues, players, and fans.

To find out more and read the full plan, visit www.lta.org.uk/sustainability.

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