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Tennis Wales

Journey to the Podium: We’re collaborating with UKAD for this year’s Clean Sport Week, 13 – 17 May.


Tennis Wales is proud to reaffirm our commitment to clean sport by backing UK Anti-Doping’s (UKAD’s) Clean Sport Week campaign from 13 - 17 May. 


Clean Sport Week is UKAD’s national awareness week championing clean sport, education and anti-doping initiatives with sports across the UK.
This year’s Clean Sport Week theme is “Journey to the Podium”. Throughout the week, UKAD will be showcasing the importance of the clean sport journey through the
lens of athletes and the elite sport community. Anti-doping should be a key part of every athlete and support personnel’s journey – it should never be an afterthought. 
Clean sport is an essential part of our athletes’ journeys in professional sport. It takes a lifetime of work, commitment and a network of support to help athletes
perform at the very top. This effort can be taken away in a moment by doping. Creating a culture of clean sport is essential for the health and welfare of our athletes
and the integrity of tennis.
We all have a responsibility to keep sport clean, to raise awareness of anti-doping and to celebrate the successes of athletes - through hard work, determination and by
competing clean. 

We encourage anyone in our sporting community that would like to learn more about anti-doping to sign up to UKAD’s Clean Sport Hub where there are free education
courses for athletes, students, coaches and practitioners.
Follow @ukantidoping on social media to see a range of educational and exciting content throughout the week.

Find out more about UKAD’s Clean Sport Week

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