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Calon hearts symbol and defibrillator
Tennis Wales

Tennis Wales partner with Calon Hearts to support Defibrillator installation


There are more than 30,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests across the UK every year and, without immediate treatment, 90 to 95 per cent of sudden cardiac arrest victims will die.

However, the chance of survival increases by 50 percent with immediate access to a defibrillator. Tennis Wales are delighted to confirm our partnership with Calon Hearts supporting our registered Welsh tennis venues to access a grant towards to cost of this life saving piece of equipment.

The charity already has current partnerships with the following national governing bodies; Welsh Rugby Union, Football Association of Wales, Welsh Golf, Welsh Hockey and Welsh Bowls and has developed a successful blueprint to efficiently manage the defibrillator and resultant PR process and roll out.

Calon Hearts are offering our venues access to grants and advice, assistance with insurances along with help for clubs who have existing devices which might not be rescue ready. They also provide online CPR/Defibrillator training sessions.

Calon Hearts have advised that venues purchase a dual functioning defibrillator (which means it can be applied to an adult or child with just a flick of the switch). The defibrillator carries out internal daily diagnostics and sends an SMS message to the charity each day at around 2:00 am. If there is ever a problem with the device it would be reported to the club and a new device would be sent to them within 48hours as per the warranty.

How Each Venue Can Access a Grant for Defibrillator Installment 

Venues can either make an application via this link or they can email defibs@calonhearts.org for further information.

As a charity, Calon Hearts are able to help each venue with a £250-£300 grant towards the cost of the equipment. Venues have the option of paying monthly which will spread the cost per month, while many of the high street banks will provide matched funding if approached.


The AED can either be mounted in a box outside as a Public Access Defibrillator at the clubhouse or inside, on a bracket or an internal cabinet within the club. Clearly it should be positioned where it can easily and quickly be accessed but it needs to be protected from frost. (The pads are damaged below 0 C.)

Venues who purchase the equipment will be advised that they need to register the device on the Circuit (the National Defibrillator Registry).

AED Cost

The cost is £695 for the dual functioning defibrillator from the charity after the grant has been provided. The normal cost is £1000 - £1100 for the defibrillator. The charity can help the venue achieve further funding and help with your fundraising if you decide to go down this route.

The cost of an unlocked/locked heated cabinet (needs electrical supply) for a public access AED is £395.

Replacement costs – pads need to be changed when used or every 2 years. Cost around £30-£35. Battery needs to be replaced every 4.5 years at a cost of £160.

Calon Hearts doesn’t believe in maintenance contracts that some commercial companies provide. The defibrillator carries out daily diagnostic testing and reports back to them, meaning maintenance for anyone at the venue is very limited to just making sure the device is still in the cabinet.

Defibrillator Training

Every defibrillator placed at a welsh tennis venue will be provided with a CPR/defibrillator training session. While anyone could use a defibrillator with the easy voice prompts, CPR and defibrillation training and awareness make a significant difference as to whether or not people feel confident to take action should a situation arise where CPR or defibrillation are needed. It is estimated that only 40% of bystanders who witness a cardiac arrest, perform CPR.

Let’s make every Welsh tennis venue heart safe. Should you need any further information please contact:defibs@calonhearts.org

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