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Open Your Doors


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Open Your Doors is a 2 hour online disability-inclusion module open to people within a club, park, community and the education landscape who want to make their venue more inclusive. It also supports everyone involved in tennis; coaches, volunteers, committee members and venue staff. When you have finished this course, you will have a better understanding and more detailed knowledge of the following:

  • What ‘inclusion’ and ‘accessibility’ really means
  • The barriers of participation in tennis by disabled people
  • How to overcome some of these through positive change
  • How the LTA can support you both inclusively and through our Open Court Programme

There are knowledge checks as you progress through the course based on the information in the unit.


These 2 hour courses are held online and provide coach credits.

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Open Court programme

The main option provided is disability specific sessions such as; learning disability tennis, wheelchair tennis, visually impaired tennis and deaf tennis.

Safeguarding Standards for LTA Venue Registration

Safeguarding Standards for LTA Venue Registration.

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