FES Group

For over 55 years FES has led the Scottish market place and the company continues to hold a unique position in providing cutting edge services to the construction and support sectors of UK business.

FES was established in 1963 by Duncan Fletcher as a residential electrical company trading as Forth Electrical Services. FES quickly established a solid reputation for being highly efficient and delivering a quality product on time and in a profitable manner. It is these core values of efficiency, quality and profit that have developed the Group into the organisation that exists today.

A significant change in direction occurred in the mid 1980’s with the company moving from the residential electrical market, where it was the market leader, to the major project sector which offered greater growth opportunities. During the early 1990’s it became clear that to sustain growth and expand in a controlled manner, a wider services base would need to be established. The company evolved a comprehensive range of in-house building and facilities management services with the capability of supporting clients across the UK. By 2006, FES had a turnover in excess of £100m and had developed into a major UK building services company with significant investment and success in education and healthcare PFI/ PPP contracts.

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