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Scotland’s Senior Home Nations Squads Announced As Prestigious Competition Returns


Tennis Scotland has announced the squads that will fly the saltire flag at the Senior Home Nations 2022, which is scheduled to return in late April following a two-year absence.

The renowned team competition, contested by Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales, unites the four home nations across various senior age groups. To welcome a return of the tournament, events are set to take place at two venues in England and Wales this year. In addition to players in the 55, 60 and 65 age groups competing at The Bolton Arena, the Junior Seniors (35, 45 and 50 age groups) events will also take place between April 30 - 2 May, hosted at Wrexham Tennis Centre.

Commenting on the return of the competition, Tennis Scotland Chief Executive, Blane Dodds, commented: “It’s exciting to welcome a return of the Senior Home Nations and I’m delighted that players across numerous age groups will have the opportunity to compete in a tournament that has such an illustrious history.”

“It’s a huge honour to be selected to represent your nation and I would like to wish each of our squad members the very best of luck.”

You can find the squads in full below:

35 Men:

35 Women:

Gary Thomson [C]

Mhairi Beattie [C]

Robert Dalgetty

Sarah McFadyen

Tim Weir

Anna- Marie McGarthland

Jamie Hunter


45 Men:

45 Women:

Calum McKnight [C]

Eilidh Smith [C]

Mark Openshaw

Deirdre Johnston

Owen Hadden

Jennifer Duncan

Bruce McIver

Carole Ferguson[NTR]

50 Men:

50 Women:

Scott Martin [C]

Heather Lockhart [C]

David Wilson

Vicki Antipatis

Jimmy Wood

Jan Oliphant

Ross Mathison

Katie Rowley

55 Men:

55 Women:

Fraser Stirling [C]

Deborah Maddern [C]

Graeme Matthew

Carole Wilson

David Wood

Gillian McLeod

Jim Lyon

Jacqueline Fullerton

60 Men:

60 Women:

Ronnie Terras [C]

Rosie Dennis [C]

Mike Aitken

Nicky Henderson

Gerard Kelly

Daphne Hill

Ian Campbell

Jane Russell

65 Men:

65 Women:

Keith Haig [C]

Mary Murray [C]

Andrew Mckeown

Tri Drummond

Toni Marchetti

Anne Hamilton

Russell Howat

Mary Byrne Leitch


[C] - indicates team captain

[NTR] - indicates non-travelling reserve

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