Venue (May 2020) COVID-19 Hardship Fund Support Scheme

What is it?

As part of the LTA’s support packages for tennis, we will be providing LTA Registered Venues with the facility to apply for simple, unsecured financial support of between £1,000 and £5,000 in value, which will be repayable over a three year period, following a repayment holiday of approximately a year, from the point at which the financial support is provided. This support is intended to provide venues with a cash injection where they are facing the issue of costs continuing during this period, but with reduced income, for example as a result of reduced membership renewals. This support will be easily accessible, and interest free.

Our goal in providing this and other support is to help tennis in Britain emerge from this period in as strong and healthy a position as possible, and that our sport is able to resume its unique role in keeping the nation active as soon as conditions allow.

Who is eligible?

All venues which were registered with the LTA as at the 1 March 2020 are eligible to apply for this support.

How will it work?

The support is designed to help tennis venues who have concerns about managing their cash-flow, both now and in the near future, and we know that the reasons for those concerns could be many and varied. In order to have a simple and easily navigable process, getting support where it is needed quickly, we will not be asking venues to explain or demonstrate what those reasons are. Instead we will be asking venues simply to apply if they feel they are in need of financial support to help ensure their longer term sustainability, and to commit to using the support provided for appropriate purposes.

Venues will be able to decide what support they need, from £1,000 to £5,000 (in multiples of £1,000). Then, every application will be assessed against various matters, including the following:

  • was the venue registered on the 1 March 2020;
  • has the application come from an appropriate person(s) who is/are authorised to act on behalf of the venue;
  • has the venue provided correct identification details – e.g. legal organisation name, venue name, venue address, venue registration number, name of person making application, role of person making the application, contact details of person making application, etc;
  • has the venue provided evidence that the bank account is in the name of the organisation which owns/operates the venue;
  • has the venue agreed to the Terms and Conditions of the Venue (May 2020) COVID-19 Hardship Fund Support Scheme; and
  • has the venue agreed to take part in the Back to Tennis campaign and activity to grow participation until the financial support has been repaid in full.

Once an application has been received, it will be assessed by the LTA and, if we have any questions or concerns, a member of your local Regional Team will get in touch with you.

If approved in principle, the LTA will issue an offer letter with attached terms and conditions addressed to the organisation on whose behalf the application has been made, together with a direct debit mandate. Once the offer letter and direct debit mandate have been checked carefully on behalf of your organisation, signed appropriately by person(s) with requisite authority to sign on behalf of your organisation and returned to the LTA, the completed documents will be checked.

Once we have received the completed documents and verified that all is in order, your payment details will then be passed through to the Finance Team and payment will be processed in line with the LTA’s usual payment runs on a rolling two-weekly cycle.

Getting people back to tennis

In order to support venues as we gradually get back to normal, in line with Government guidelines, we will be launching a marketing campaign to get people back to tennis. In return for this financial support we would expect your venue to be part of this and, to continue the momentum, to deliver the new LTA Youth programme at your venue when it is fully launched as well as, at least once a year, holding a Big Tennis Weekend open day.  Depending on local need and demographics, we may also want to work with you to identify opportunities to support programmes which help to Open Tennis Up, like Open Court and SERVES. Your venue will also require to become, and/or remain part of, the LTA court and session locator, LTA Rally.

What should the financial support be used for?

This financial support should only be used for unavoidable operational expenditure which your venue/organisation is unable to afford at this time. Examples of this might be:

  • rent;
  • utility bills;
  • insurance premiums;
  • loan repayments;
  • staff costs; or
  • maintenance.

The financial support is not intended for capital projects. Examples of capital projects might be:

  • court resurfacing;
  • floodlights;
  • clubhouse upgrades;
  • etc.

How do I request the financial support?

Applications for this fund have now closed.  If you are still in need of financial support as a venue, please contact your local Regional Team. We will keep under review the need of LTA Registered Venues and ability of the LTA to provide for any further support.

Need more information?

We have created a list of frequently asked questions which will provide you with any additional information required.

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