Revised and Enhanced Tournament Bonus Scheme (TBS) 2020*

*for the period after the Coronavirus (final dates to be confirmed on the resumption of ITF / ATP and WTA Tours)

What is it?

The TBS is an established initiative which recognises the performance of British players competing around the globe. It targets players who are regularly playing in ITF Pro Circuit and ATP Challengers at home and abroad and those who have an ATP / WTA ranking. For reference the full standard TBS information can be viewed here.

On the resumption of the ITF Pro Circuit / ATP & WTA Tours we will be making the following changes for a period that matches the length of the Coronavirus suspension:

  • We will double the value of each bonus
  • We will remove the age cap on Men’s and Women’s $25k events and $15k events. For $15k events there will be a cap of £1,500 for players aged 23 or over
  • We will introduce a round of 16 bonus for ATP Challenger events and ITF $60k (and above) for Women’s events for all players
  • We will introduce a new bonus for winners / runners up in ATP Challenger / ITF $60k (and above) Women’s doubles events

In addition for all British Pro Series events which take place in 2020 and 2021 we will offer this enhanced bonus scheme.

These amendments are shown in the table below:

Please note that the amounts shown in the table for each round are the total amounts for reaching that round and are not in addition to the amount(s) shown for the previous round(s).

For doubles bonus the amount shown is per player (based on the below eligibility).

*$15K bonuses will be capped at £1,500 for players 23 or over. 

Who is eligible?

The Revised TBS is open to any player not in receipt of a LTA Pro-Scholarship Programme (PSP) player funding agreement and to be eligible all players must:

  1. Adhere to the LTA Player Code of Conduct;
  2. Complete the LTA's Anti-Corruption and Anti-Doping Tutorials; and
  3. Be currently listed by the ATP or WTA as a GBR player 

How do I access it?

If eligible, players must confirm they have read the Code of Conduct and will adhere to it and complete the Anti-Corruption and Anti-Doping Tutorial annually. Once complete, players must complete the TBS Invoice Template and return this to the LTA with a copy of the draw sheet.  To request the Tutorials, or submit a claim, please contact

Please note:

  • All invoices must be submitted before 31 December of the year they fall in or bonuses will not be paid.
  • All invoices must be submitted within three months of the tournament.

Need more information?

We have created a list of frequently asked questions which will provide you with any additional information required.

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