Accredited Coach and Tutor Grant Support Scheme

What is it?

During this unprecedented time, the LTA want to support those most affected by the coronavirus pandemic, with the goal of ensuring that tennis in Britain emerges from this period in as strong and healthy a position as possible, and the sport is able to resume its unique role in keeping the nation active.

This is a financial grant that is designed to complement further support packages provided by Government. It aims to support those coaches who are most affected by the pandemic, and is therefore targeted at LTA Accredited Coaches who are full-time and self-employed (including sole directors of limited companies).

The scheme, which is complementary to other available support, is calculated on the basis of £95 per week for 12 weeks, but will be paid in one single payment to eligible coaches upon successful application. The rate of £95 per week is approximately equivalent to the weekly rate of statutory sick pay, which was used as an indicative guide to set our rate. 

Who is eligible?

This grant is available, at the discretion of the LTA, for those LTA Accredited Coaches and Tutors who are most affected by an inability to coach or run a programme.To access the grant, you will need to match all of the eligibility criteria below:

  1. As at 10 April 2020, you were an LTA Accredited or Accredited+ coach (or within your grace period following expiry of your accreditation);
  2. As at the date of your last LTA Coach Accreditation renewal, you either had self-employed status or were the sole director of a limited company with no employees other than yourself;
  3. As at the date of your last LTA Coach Accreditation renewal, you declared yourself a full-time coach. Full-time is defined as 30 or more hours per week (combining both on and off-court responsibilities); and
  4. You are willing to support the LTA to help kick start tennis when the when restrictions are lifted through a ‘Back to Tennis’ campaign.

How will my eligibility be checked?

To ensure a robust process, we will use your self-declared data that you provided at the time of your last LTA Coach Accreditation renewal, and confirmations given via the application form.

How do I access it?

The application process is currently closed. 

Need more information?

We have created a list of frequently asked questions which will provide you with any additional information required.

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Our comprehensive set of FAQs answer the large majority of queries we are receiving at present; we kindly ask that you reference these first.

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